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  • First Days with the Playstation 3

    First Days with the Playstation 3

    “Ed, duck for God’s sake,” I bellowed while I held down the L2 button for sweet life.  Both of our health bars were flashing red and I could see bullets whizzing over our heads.  If we didn’t do something, the Chimera were going to kill us both.  […]

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  • Upcoming Patch for <i>Resistance: Fall of Man</i>

    Upcoming Patch for Resistance: Fall of Man

    If you don’t know by now, one of our staffers finally found a PS3. It seems that on her search for a Wii in Toledo, Rachel stopped in at an EB Games that just happened to have two 20GB PlayStation 3 systems for which no […]

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  • New Trailers Hit For <i>Resistance: Fall Of Man</i>

    New Trailers Hit For Resistance: Fall Of Man

    Courtesy of, two new trailers for one of the PlayStation 3’s most anticipated launch title, Resistance: Fall of Man have hit the web. You can see both of them below. To be quite honest, it’s footage like this that makes me curse Sony for […]

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