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  • Severed_2

    Review: Severed

    Wait a minute. There’s a brand new, all original, and exclusive game out for the PlayStation Vita today? What year is this? 2012? Nope, it’s still 2016. I guess miracles do happen! The latest gem from the makers of Guacamelee and the Tales From Space […]

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  • Poseidon-Z-RGB_Keyboard

    Gear Review: Tt eSports Poseidon Z RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Are you turned off by gaming keyboards that are so overstylized they literally look like some kind of a Transformer in disguise? Well then this keyboard should be right up your alley. The Poseidon Z RGB mechanical gaming keyboard packages a host of essential features […]

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  • PuroSoundLabs_BT5200

    Gear Review: Puro Sound Labs BT-5200 Volume Monitoring Bluetooth Headphones

    Known as the Healthy Ears Company, Puro Sound Labs is the purveyor of premium quality headphones for audiophiles young and old alike. Naturally, the key feature of Puro’s latest BT-5200 Bluetooth wireless headphones for adults is the in-built microprocessor that actively monitors volume level. While […]

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  • Stories_2

    Review: Stories: The Path of Destinies

    Picture Edge of Tomorrow (aka Live. Die. Repeat.) reimagined as a children’s fairytale storybook and then adapted into an anthropomorphic action-RPG. That’s Stories: The Path of Destinies in a nutshell. Let me explain how this all works. Path of Destinies is presented as a fantasy […]

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  • DarkSouls_Comic_Issue_1

    Comic Review: Dark Souls #1

    Turning Dark Souls into a comic was always going to be a challenge. One of the signature traits that draws players to the Souls games like moths to a flame is its vague, indirect method of storytelling that forces you to piece together every little […]

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  • TheDivision_NewYorkCollapse

    Book Review: Tom Clancy’s The Division: New York Collapse

    Hey, game companies and book publishers, do more tie-in books like this please! Art books, novelizations, and prequel comics are great–Lord knows I love ’em all!–but New York Collapse, an interactive survival guide and novella-like story set in the world of Ubisoft’s new Tom Clancy […]

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  • MarbleMountain_1

    Review: Marble Mountain

    An ode to genre classics Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball, Marble Mountain by Lightning Rock is a ball-rolling adventure about an orb of melted and re-solidified glass with ambitions to be the Indiana Jones of the marble village. Because of course marbles live in […]

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  • Paws_1

    Review: Paws

    I thought Might and Delight had already mastered the art of the cute video game with the first two Shelter titles, but Paws, a standalone spin-off to Shelter 2, somehow ramps the cuteness quotient up to a whole new level of make-you-wanna-cry adorable. Paws is […]

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  • Batman-v-Superman_ArtBooks

    Book Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Art Book and Tech Manual

    Critics haven’t been very kind to Batman v Superman, but that sure hasn’t stopped the DC superhero flick from making serious bank at the box office (or regular moviegoers from generally holding a more favorable impression, as is often the case). If you enjoyed the […]

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  • Adr1ft_1

    Review: Adr1ft

    Space has never looked so beautiful and so real and so lonesome in a video game before. Adr1ft claims that honor as triumphantly as Neil Armstrong must’ve felt walking on the moon for the first time. Seriously, this is one of the most visually astonishing […]

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