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  • Movie Review: Heavenly Sword

    Movie Review: Heavenly Sword

    Of all the games in Sony’s impressive stable of exclusives, Heavenly Sword makes complete sense as one of the first to be adapted into a full-length animated film. The PlayStation 3 action-adventure game already plays like an interactive movie, featuring noteworthy voice acting talent, high […]

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  • Review: The Walking Dead Pinball

    Review: The Walking Dead Pinball

    Taking a break from an extended run of tables based on Marvel superheroes and Star Wars movies, Zen Studios works its pinball wizardry on another licensed property in this week’s launch of The Walking Dead Pinball for Zen Pinball 2 and Pinball FX2. Based on […]

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  • Review: Whispering Willows

    Review: Whispering Willows

    Even though I love video games, I also grew up reading all manner of horror fiction. Splatter punk, demonic possession, supernatural, and gothic horror were all sub genres that helped form my dark and twisted self of today. While I devoured Stephen King as a young […]

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  • Review: Marvel Pinball Deadpool

    Review: Marvel Pinball Deadpool

    In addition to getting to spend some quality Marvel Pinball time with the Guardians of the Galaxy, I also got to shoot the bull with the Merc with the Mouth. Deadpool’s very own table came out at the end of June, but I didn’t get […]

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  • Review: Marvel Pinball Guardians of the Galaxy

    Review: Marvel Pinball Guardians of the Galaxy

    Here’s the thing about pinball: It is always the same. Shoot a ball up to the top of the slanted table, forcing the ball to roll back down where a set of flippers is used to keep the ball from falling all the way to the […]

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  • Review: The Wolf Among Us Season One

    Review: The Wolf Among Us Season One

    With all of the episodes of the Fables-inspired The Wolf Among Us Telltale adventure series finally out I thought I would write something about the season as a whole to see how things have progressed since I wrote about the first episode. If you’ve been along […]

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  • Discussion Review: Watch Dogs

    Discussion Review: Watch Dogs

    Review written by Matt Litten & Stephen Byers. Stephen: Watch Dogs, E3 of 2012′s darling and one-time launch title for the latest generations of systems, has finally surfaced after six months of fixing and/or making room for Assassin’s Creed IV to sell in an uncanibalized […]

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  • Review: OlliOlli

    Review: OlliOlli

    Skateboarding games haven’t been relevant in quite a long while. EA did some interesting things with the Skate games, but the series never really went anywhere special and flamed out after three quick releases (four if you want to include the spin-off for iOS and […]

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  • Review: Blue Estate

    Review: Blue Estate

    Comic books are a passive activity. Opening the book and turning pages are the extent of the activity related to reading a comic, so it makes sense that they often translate well from one passive medium to another, like movies, without much effort by the […]

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  • Review: Spoiler Alert

    Review: Spoiler Alert

    Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! The Chili Pepper Knight has defeated the mighty Mr. Death Bunny to rescue Princess Tomato. Let the credits roll! Hold up a second. Rewind those credits. I only just started playing and the game is already over? What madness is this? […]

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