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  • Review: Blue Estate

    Review: Blue Estate

    Comic books are a passive activity. Opening the book and turning pages are the extent of the activity related to reading a comic, so it makes sense that they often translate well from one passive medium to another, like movies, without much effort by the...

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  • Review: Spoiler Alert

    Review: Spoiler Alert

    Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! The Chili Pepper Knight has defeated the mighty Mr. Death Bunny to rescue Princess Tomato. Let the credits roll! Hold up a second. Rewind those credits. I only just started playing and the game is already over? What madness is this?...

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  • Review: The Stanley Parable

    Review: The Stanley Parable

    Originally created as a Source engine Half-Life 2 mod, Galactic Cafe has taken the original idea behind The Stanley Parable and crafted it into a full standalone release, telling the story of a mindless office worker named Stanley who suddenly finds himself in his place...

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  • Discussion Review: Strider

    Discussion Review: Strider

    Review written by Matt Litten & Stephen Byers. Matt: It doesn’t seem to be remembered alongside many of the other classics of the 80s and 90s, but in my early development as a gamer Strider was just as important as the Zeldas, Marios, Metroids, Metal...

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  • Review: Kirby: Triple Deluxe

    Review: Kirby: Triple Deluxe

    Nintendo seems to have taken some marketing cues from the fast-food industry in labeling Kirby: Triple Deluxe. The latest 3DS adventure featuring everyone’s favorite floating pink ball is laden with superlatives the way a Hardee’s Six-Dollar Thickburger is drowning in condiments. You almost expect to...

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  • Comic Review: Death Sentence Vol.1 Hardcover Collection

    Comic Review: Death Sentence Vol.1 Hardcover Collection

    Comic books typically are about superheroes gifted with amazing superpowers, wearing masks and capes, doing heroic deeds to overcome the evil deeds of a rival supervillain. Death Sentence is anything but a typical comic series. Written by Monty Nero and inked by Mike Dowling, Death...

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  • Discussion Review: Hammerwatch

    Discussion Review: Hammerwatch

    Review written by Matt Litten & Tim Mack. Tim: Rocky IV turned out to be a pivotal moment in gaming for me. Three cousins and I had gone to watch Rocky pound Ivan Drago on the big screen. Before we sat down, we noticed a...

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  • Discussion Review: Transistor

    Discussion Review: Transistor

    Review written by Matt Litten & Tim Mack. Tim: While Bastion didn’t completely blow me away, I can say that on any day when I can’t find anything else to play, Supergiant’s debut game is one I’d happily pick up and spend some time with...

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  • Review: Deception IV: Blood Ties

    Review: Deception IV: Blood Ties

    This is a game about traps. Not detecting them or hopping over them or screaming to the rest of the Rebel Alliance about their existence, it is a game about setting them.  The Deception series dates back to the original PlayStation and it has always had...

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  • Review: Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

    Review: Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

    The evolution of gaming and technology over the last twenty years is kind of staggering to think about. 8-bit art moved into 16-bit and the advent of CD-ROM allowed better music and video quality. Way back when, 30-second to minute-long video clips were selling points...

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