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  • DmC_DevilMayCry_DefinitiveEdition

    Review: DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition

    So there’s the obsessive tweaking and re-tweaking of a creative project by an auteur who just doesn’t know when to step back and let go—think George Lucas and the endlessly re-cut Star Wars trilogies—and then there’s what Ninja Theory has done with DmC Devil May […]

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  • TheMarvellousMissTake_1

    Review: The Marvellous Miss Take

    Proving that stealth games don’t just have to be about super spies, special ops agents, deadly ninjas, and cloaked assassins, The Marvellous Miss Take masters the art of video game sneaking and thievery with a lighthearted, non-violent approach that is as fun to play as […]

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  • TheEscapists

    Review: The Escapists

    It took Allied troops in World War II almost fifteen months to break out of the German-Run POW camp Stalag-Luft III—you probably remember it as “The Great Escape.” Union soldiers had to spend months digging a tunnel in darkness, surrounded by squealing rats to bust […]

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  • ResidentEvil6_GraphicalGuide_Cover

    Book Review: Resident Evil 6 Graphical Guide

    Out in Japan since shortly before the game’s launch all the way back in 2012, the Resident Evil 6 Graphical Guide has finally been translated into English and localized for western readers. Send your thanks to publisher Titan Books for bringing it over. Roughly the […]

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  • Contents include: Headset, USB remote w/ built-in sound card, removable mic, dual 3.5 adapter, two different types of ear cushions, and mesh carrying case.

    Accessory Review: Kingston HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

    Successor to the original HyperX Cloud, Kingston’s new HyperX Cloud II gaming headset rocks the house with the addition of 7.1 virtual surround sound (plus some other subtle touches) on top of everything else that made the previous model a winner. Kingston Technology does more […]

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  • UltimateNESRemix

    Review: Ultimate NES Remix

    Wii U owners have already experienced the retro-gasmic bliss of NES Remix (two times actually), but now the series of 8-bit microgames fashioned after old Nintendo Entertainment System classics has landed on the 3DS. A portable system is where this game belongs. Ultimate NES Remix […]

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  • VenomPinball_3

    Review: Marvel’s Venom Pinball

    Spider-Man took the spotlight in the initial Marvel Pinball pack, and now, over four years later, Zen Studios finally brings the series full circle with a table dedicated to Spidey’s archenemy, Venom. Although Venom gets top billing in the latest addition to the Marvel Pinball […]

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  • Castlestorm_screenshot_001

    Review: Pinball FX2 Iron & Steel Pack

    What with all the time Zen Studios has been spending grafting Marvel superheroes, Jedi Knights and other key pop-cult licenses (South Park, Walking Dead, etc.) onto signature video pinball tables, it’s been easy to lose sight of the fact that the studio hasn’t created an […]

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  • Reload_1

    Review: Reload

    Packing enough guns to give Wayne LaPierre a bulletproof boner, Reload is a rail/target practice shooter dating back to a 2010 release on Wii. Even though there also was a PC version back then, the Mastiff published game has only just now pulled the trigger […]

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  • Apotheon_1

    Review: Apotheon

    Sure, the setup’s going to feel mythologically familiar to anyone who’s waded through rivers of blood with a certain ghost-skinned warrior: Led by that indifferent horndog Zeus, the gods have punted their responsibilities and turned their backs on humanity, like free-agent football players holding out […]

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