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  • bethesdapinball_1

    Review: Bethesda Pinball

    Disclosure: A PSN code for Bethesda Pinball was provided to for review consideration by Zen Studios. After more than five dozen tables (and still counting), it’s remarkable that Zen Studios not only has been able to maintain a consistently high quality across its Pinball […]

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  • waywardsky

    Review: Wayward Sky

    Disclosure: A code for Wayward Sky was provided to for review consideration by Uber Entertainment. Wayward Sky is a story of redemption and loss as two different families cross paths while dealing with their own family tragedies in different ways. Uber Entertainment tells the […]

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  • pinballfx2vr_dlc2_twd_screenshot_03

    Review: Pinball FX2 VR

    Zen Studios has a proven track record of making some fantastic pinball tables on countless platforms over the last decade. Whether the table is an original design or a unique take on one of many licensed properties, pinball as a video game wouldn’t be the […]

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  • robinson-thejourney

    Review: Robinson: The Journey

    Disclosure: A code for Robinson: The Journey was provided to for review consideration by Crytek. Of the dozen or so games I’ve played so far since the PlayStation VR launched, very few have felt like more than a tech demo polished up and made […]

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  • waddlehome_2

    Review: Waddle Home

    Disclosure: A code for Waddle Home was provided to for review consideration by Archiact Interactive. Waddle Home is a simple tabletop-like VR game where the objective is to get penguins to a flying saucer located somewhere else on a puzzle board that floats in […]

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  • piratepopplus

    Review: Pirate Pop Plus

    Disclosure: A free code for Pirate Pop Plus was provided to for review consideration. Throwing back to a simpler time of game design, Pirate Pop Plus by Dadako and 13AM Games is a score chase arcade action game inspired by the classic Buster Bros/Pang […]

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  • thumper_1

    Review: Thumper

    Disclosure: A code for Thumper was provided to for review. Thumper, indie developer Drool’s new rhythm action game for PC and PlayStation 4, opens with a slow building tutorial world that isn’t shy about forcing players to learn the mechanics. Press X while traveling down […]

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  • weepingdoll_1

    Review: Weeping Doll

    Disclosure: A code for Weeping Doll was provided to for review purposes. Weeping Doll for PlayStation VR tells the story of a family with two daughters, one who has a large red birthmark on her face. Told from the perspective of a young maid, players […]

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  • batmanarkhamvr_001

    Review: Batman: Arkham VR

    Disclosure: A review code for Batman: Arkham VR was provided by Warner Bros. Interactive While I wasn’t exactly a fan of the direction Rocksteady took in the last Batman game, Arkham Knight, I have to say that the studio’s ability to create a rich world […]

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  • 24-tbf

    Book Review: 24: Trial by Fire

    “Before London… Before CTU… Before the clock started ticking…” That’s the tagline printed in bold lettering on the back of the newest 24 novel, Trial by Fire, and it immediately sets the scene for exactly what to expect before leafing open the first page. Authored […]

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