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  • Nightwish Rocks Risen Trailer

    Nightwish Rocks Risen Trailer

    What’s with all the metal bands getting involved with European RPGs of late? First it was Blind Guardian in Sacred 2, now its Finnish symphonic power metal band Nightwish, whose song ‘Poet and the Pendulum’ plays behind this newish trailer (looks like it’s been in […]

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  • Risen Gets Moody, Again

    Risen Gets Moody, Again

    Here’s another soothing “mood” trailer for Risen, this one panning through a sun-kissed seaside village.

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  • New Risen Trailer Sets the Mood

    New Risen Trailer Sets the Mood

    Gothic series developer Piranha Bytes is working on a new fantasy RPG titled Risen, to be published by Deep Silver later this year for PC and Xbox 360. This new trailer takes us on a brief tour of the game’s tropical island environment, introducing some […]

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