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  • Review: Shank 2

    Review: Shank 2

    Side-scrolling games, once considered the golden age form of game design, were the mainstay on early consoles because of the limitations of hardware processing power.  But as hardware has become more advanced, game development has also advanced.  3D objects have replaced flat sprites and game […]

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  • Review: Shank (PC)

    Review: Shank (PC)

    The beat-em-up genre is certainly not new, but Klei is hoping to win some new converts with its over-the-top take on the genre, Shank. The genre has traditionally been the purview of consoles and arcades, but Shank was also recently released on Steam for the […]

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  • Steam Gets Shank and ‘Spanked

    Steam Gets Shank and ‘Spanked

    EA’s downloadable duo of DeathSpank and Shank, already available for console gamers on PSN and XBLA, is now set to bring the goods to PC gamers. Both titles go on sale October 26th via Steam at $15 apiece — or $13.49 if you pre-purchase for […]

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  • Download Shank’s Complete Soundtrack for the Low Price of Free!

    Download Shank’s Complete Soundtrack for the Low Price of Free!

    Klei Entertainment’s slick 2D action game, Shank, is out now on PSN and coming tomorrow to XBLA. Any PS3 gamers out there play it yet? Try the demo? How is it? I’m probably not going to get it for a while, so please let me […]

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  • Two More Ways to Shank Your PC Desktop

    Two More Ways to Shank Your PC Desktop

    The fine folks over at Klei Entertainment today released two killer new desktop wallpapers for their bloody PC, PSN and XBLA side-scrolling action game, Shank, sporting some incredible artwork from Jeff Agala and Jamie Cheng. So, which flavor are you gonna choose: single-player (up top) […]

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  • Shank Looks Frickin’ Sweet!

    Shank Looks Frickin’ Sweet!

    Klei Entertainment is showing off a new gameplay video for its upcoming downloadable game Shank from this week’s Game Developer Conference in San Francisco. Yep, sure looks like EA was smart to snatch up the publishing rights to this bad boy, as it is looking […]

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  • EA Signs Up Rhyming Digital Download Duo

    EA Signs Up Rhyming Digital Download Duo

    Shank and DeathSpank aren’t just the first two downloadable indie titles to be published by EA Partners, they also just so happen to rhyme beautifully. Not that it really matters. But anyway… Yes, EA Partners has entered into partnerships with Klei Entertainment and Hothead Games […]

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