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  • Take 5: MMORPGs

    Take 5: MMORPGs

    I forgot to post about this last week, so I figured that I should do it now before the article is lost forever to the oblivion that is removed webpages. This month my Take 5 article involves Massively Multiplayer Online Games. I figured that it […]

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  • Take 5: Annoying NES Games

    Take 5: Annoying NES Games

    My latest Take 5 article for the Lansing Noise is available here on the Noise’s website. The topic of this month’s article is the five most annoying NES games that are in my library. The subject came about after my wife and I got a […]

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  • Take 5: Gifts for the Holidays

    Take 5: Gifts for the Holidays

    Another month, another Take 5 article. This time my article focuses on five gifts that any gamer would enjoy. They range from something small, like some Microsoft Marketplace or Wii points, to a Nintendo DS or Wii. So check the article out when you get […]

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  • Take 5: Games For Halloween

    Take 5: Games For Halloween

    As you may or may not know, about once every five weeks I write the “Take 5” article highlighting video games in the Lansing Noise. My latest article is now available, covering the five games (in no particular order) I enjoy the most that have […]

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