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  • Review: Tetris Ultimate

    Review: Tetris Ultimate

    Happy birthday, Tetris! You’re the big 3-0. It’ll be interesting to see if you hit your mid-life crisis at 40 like many humans go through, but that’s another 10 years away. For now you’re still going strong, as evidenced by yet another new release. Tetris […]

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  • E3 2014: Tetris Turns Next Gen for its 30th Birthday

    E3 2014: Tetris Turns Next Gen for its 30th Birthday

    This summer, in celebration of Tetris‘ 30 years of glorious puzzle addiction, Ubisoft will digitally distribute Tetris Ultimate on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PC version to follow in the fall. As indicated by the name, Tetris Ultimate is aiming to be the […]

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  • Review: Tetris: Axis

    Review: Tetris: Axis

    The last time I played a game of Tetris, I came away ready for the series to “just go away already” and leave well enough alone. A year later, I’m hooked on Tetris like the good old days of 8-bit NES blocks and the even […]

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  • The Many Modes and Features of Tetris Axis

    The Many Modes and Features of Tetris Axis

    Recent Tetris outings have been overflowing with content, but none can lay a tetromino on what Tetris Axis is about to drop on puzzle gamers. Tetris Axis, the next series installment dropping onto Nintendo 3DS on October 2nd, will come loaded with over 20 different […]

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  • Review: Tetris Party Live

    Review: Tetris Party Live

    After losing an entire evening – again – playing what I planned as an hour of Tetris Party Live online, I started thinking about my review and realized that there isn’t much to say. Tetris Party Live is at its core just yet another Tetris […]

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  • Review: Tetris Party Deluxe

    Review: Tetris Party Deluxe

    Over 25 years and counting, Tetris, the world’s greatest puzzle game, is still going strong… and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I love me some Tetris, but every great franchise has to end some time, right? If you […]

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  • Review: Tetris (PSP minis)

    Review: Tetris (PSP minis)

    Everyone knows Tetris. Everyone loves Tetris. Alexey Pajitnov’s masterpiece of a puzzle game has addicted literally millions and millions of players over the past 25 years on virtually every single video game device known to man. And now it’s surely going to do the same […]

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