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  • Review: Link’s Crossbow Training

    Review: Link’s Crossbow Training

    Link’s Crossbow Training is to the Wii what Duck Hunt was to the NES all those years ago. The similarities are so obvious. Like Duck Hunt before it, Link’s Crossbow Training is a target-shooting tech demo mainly created to showcase (and push) a new Nintendo […]

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  • Wii Zapper Blasts Into Stores

    Wii Zapper Blasts Into Stores

    All the fun of coin-op light gun action can now officially be had on the Wii, as Nintendo today launches the Wii Zapper, which also comes bundled with the target-shooing archery goodness of Link’s Crossbow Training in case you forgot. Third-party publishers have also lined […]

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  • Link’s Crossbow Training Trailer Hits the Bull’s-eye

    Link’s Crossbow Training Trailer Hits the Bull’s-eye

    It may be a simple pack-in game to help push the Wii Zapper, but damn, Link’s Crossbow Training is really going to kick some serious ass. Screenshots are one thing, now it’s time for you to see the game in motion. [gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/LinksCrossbowTraining/Trailers/LinksCrossbowTraining_Trailer.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]

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