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  • Wipeout Pulse Races to Retail

    Wipeout Pulse Races to Retail

    SCEA has announced the North American retail launch of Wipeout Pulse for the PSP this week. From SCE’s WWS Liverpool Studios, Wipeout Pulse takes everything that was great about the last game, Wipeout Pure, and ups the ante to make it the best game yet […]

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  • WipEout Pulse Ships Feb. 12th

    WipEout Pulse Ships Feb. 12th

    WipEout Pulse was already set for a February launch, but now a specific date has been locked in. Per this evening’s PlayStation Underground newsletter, the futuristic PSP racer is set to ship in North America on February 12th. Less than two weeks away, suuuweeet!

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  • Box Art Showcase: Wipeout Pulse

    Box Art Showcase: Wipeout Pulse

    SCEA has unveiled the final box art for Wipeout Pulse, racing onto North American PSPs in February. Nothing you wouldn’t expect to see on a Wipeout cover, but it’s still an eye-catcher for sure. See for yourself.

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  • New Wipeout Pulse Screenshots

    New Wipeout Pulse Screenshots

    9 new screenshots from Wipeout Pulse, currently set for release on PSP in February 2008.

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  • Wipeout Pulse Trailer

    Wipeout Pulse Trailer

    I’ve got a new trailer here to share with you for Wipeout Pulse, the upcoming follow-up to the hit PSP launch title Wipeout Pure. The trailer comes in two flavors: one just a standard view and the other displayed within a PSP graphic. Both versions […]

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