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  • WoW Bans and Me

    WoW Bans and Me

    So today I was reading this snippet on Blue’s News about a recent article that hit CNET on Blizzard banning players from World of Warcraft. The short story is that some players feel Blizzard has been overly aggressive in banning people while Blizz states that […]

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  • Free 24 Hours Given to <i>WoW</i> Players Due to Patch Issues

    Free 24 Hours Given to WoW Players Due to Patch Issues

    Since a ginormous patch was recently applied to World of Warcraft, if you’re reading this you either don’t have the game, or are fed up with the bugs and various other issues the recent patch has caused. To ease the pain that this patch has […]

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  • <i>World of Warcraft</i> Patching Before the Storm

    World of Warcraft Patching Before the Storm

    Today marks one of the largest patches for World of Warcraft in some time. That should be evident in the file’s size alone: a whopping 492MB. This is mostly in preparation for that Burning Crusade expansion thing that’s due to come out in little over […]

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  • Blizzard Launches <i>WoW</i> Stats

    Blizzard Launches WoW Stats

    Yesterday Blizzard launched a mini-site designed to track in-game statistics on various occurrences in World of Warcraft. Each list is updated on a daily basis and tracks numbers on most auctioned items, created items, dangerous NPCs, gathered items, looted items, and completed quests. There’s even […]

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  • Don’t Feel Like Filling Out TPS Reports?  Play <i>WoW</i> Instead.

    Don’t Feel Like Filling Out TPS Reports? Play WoW Instead.

    Check out the following commercial that Blizzard will start running for the holiday season. The amalgam of “Office Space” and World of Warcraft just seems natural for some reason.

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  • <i>World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade</i> Beta Keys up for Grabs Tomorrow

    World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Beta Keys up for Grabs Tomorrow

    As you probably know, the first expansion for World of Warcraft is currently in closed beta testing. While many of you are probably not participating, Blizzard is looking to change that for 500 lucky individuals that are able to hit the refresh button quick enough. […]

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  • The “Official” <i>World of Warcraft</i> Encyclopedia Launched

    The “Official” World of Warcraft Encyclopedia Launched

    Today Blizzard, developing geniuses behind WoW, released their official World of Warcraft Encyclopedia. Hosted on the World of Warcraft homepage, the encyclopedia is Blizzard’s attempt at cataloging all of the lore they’ve built up on the Warcraft universe throughout the years. Right now it’s fairly […]

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  • <i>World Of Warcraft</i> TCG Now Available

    World Of Warcraft TCG Now Available

    After hearing about the collectible card game for months now, including even some artwork displayed on Penny Arcade, Blizzard has announced the launch of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. Now you may be thinking, “What exactly makes this different from all the other […]

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  • <i>The Burning Crusade</i> Delayed Into January 2007

    The Burning Crusade Delayed Into January 2007

    As you’ve probably seen around the internet, there are many people currently participating in the closed beta of World of Warcraft‘s upcoming expansion The Burning Crusade. While Blizzard had been adamant that they would meet their targeted release of November of this year, players were […]

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  • Blood Elves, levels 6 – 10

    Blood Elves, levels 6 – 10

    On Tuesday we posted some video of a player making their way through the lowbie levels of a new Blood Elf character in the upcoming Burning Crusade expansion for World of Warcraft Today, the fine folks over at Destructoid uploaded another video of their journies […]

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