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  • Tony Hawk’s Project 8 Launch Trailer and Behind-the-Scenes Movie

    Tony Hawk’s Project 8 Launch Trailer and Behind-the-Scenes Movie

    With Tony Hawk’s Project 8 now on store shelves, Activision has released a new launch trailer and behind-the-scenes video to continue the hype. Enjoy! [gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/TonyHawksProject8/Trailers/PROJECT 8 Launch trailer V10.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv] [gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/TonyHawksProject8/Trailers/Tony Hawk_BTSLG.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]

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  • Even More Superman Returns Footage

    Even More Superman Returns Footage

    Continuing our recent barrage of media coverage on Superman Returns: The Videogame, here we have another new game video from EA delving into the topic of the Bizarro: [gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/SupermanReturnsTheVideogame/Trailers/SMR_Bizarro_FINAL_hi.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]

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  • Superman Returns: The Videogame Goes Gold

    Superman Returns: The Videogame Goes Gold

    Catching up on a bit of news I missed in the ol inbox on Friday, EA announced that Superman Returns: The Videogame has gone gold and is set to ship as scheduled on November 20th for the Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, DS, and GBA (GBA […]

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  • Superman Returns Audio Discussion Video

    Superman Returns Audio Discussion Video

    Here we have some new gameplay footage for EA’s Superman Returns: The Videogame featuring commentary by Oscar-winning Sound Designer Pete Lehman and Composer  Colin O’Malley discussing the game’s audio design. This game is looking (and sounding) more and more impressive every day. [gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/SupermanReturnsTheVideogame/Trailers/SMR_Audio_FINAL_hi.flv” width=”416″ […]

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  • New Superman Returns: The Videogame Movie

    New Superman Returns: The Videogame Movie

    Want to find out more about the upcoming Superman Returns videogame? Well then, check out this great new video we have from EA showcasing gameplay footage complete with commentary from the writers behind the game, Flint Dille and Marv Wolfman. Looking pretty damn cool if […]

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  • Launch Trailer For <i>Marvel: Ultimate Alliance</i>

    Launch Trailer For Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

    We’re here to get you pumped for yet another title due to hit store shelves this week: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. In case this is the first time you’re hearing about this title, Ultimate Alliance was developed by the same team responsible for both X-Men Legends […]

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  • New <i>Reservoir Dogs</i> Trailer Hits The Interweb

    New Reservoir Dogs Trailer Hits The Interweb

    Just in time for tomorrow’s release, we’ve got some new footage from Resevoir Dogs for the Xbox and PC, courtesy of This particular piece of footage gives us a glimpse of what players will experience as they actually take part in the heist that […]

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  • Xbox Live Currently Down for Maintenence

    Xbox Live Currently Down for Maintenence

    This is just a quick F.Y.I. for you Xbox and 360 owners.,, and the Xbox Live service itself will be down for most of the day today. Although no specifics were given about what exactly was being maintained, this is not the long […]

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  • Review: Destroy All Humans

    Review: Destroy All Humans

    Intro In the 1950’s, the public had much to worry about. Women constantly monitored the clock waiting to take their next dose of valium, men kept a watchful eye on their stocks and bonds, while both sexes were vigilant in the fight against communism. Oh, […]

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  • Review: Batman Begins

    Review: Batman Begins

    The Dark Knight has once again emerged from the shadows and onto consoles in EA and Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment’s latest release, Batman Begins. Seeing that games based on movie licenses tend to under perform their silver screen counter parts, will Batman Begins overcome this […]

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