Celebrate Independence Day Like a Hollywood Action Hero, Because America!


Nothing is more American than apple pie, but the iconic Hollywood action hero isn’t too far behind, because nothing says “Fuck yeah, America!” like a buff dude in combat gear single handedly mowing down terrorist a-holes and saving the world. So on this fine Independence Day, after you’re done cooking out and watching fireworks, why not finish off the day by enjoying some video games that will let you further demonstrate your national pride while living out your Hollywood movie hero fantasies at the same time?

Need some recommendations? Here are four games I’ve been playing today in honor of the Fourth of July.



Yo, bros. It’s time to get your bro on. Broforce, that is! Devolver Digital is back at it again, rocking the gaming world with the brotacular indie team at Free Lives. This side-scrolling action platformer puts you in the roles of parodies of famous action bros from the past (like Rambro, Brommando, Bro Hard, Brominator, Brodell Walker, etc), mowing through baddies, blasting through fully-destructible maps and rescuing other bros on the way to planting an American flag at the end of each stage to proclaim victory with a “Murica!” fist pump. The game puts on its own frenzied fireworks display of bullets, blood and booms at an unrelenting pace made all the more unpredictable by the randomized character selection. When you start a level, die or free a captive bro, the game automatically chooses your bro for you. Each bro has unique weapons and special attacks, and you never know which one you’re going to get. While the game is still in early access on Steam and needs work in certain areas (online multiplayer is currently plagued by lag and a lousy same-screen camera), the experience is full and fun enough to justify buying in as development continues. Broforce is pure pixelated patriotism.

Tango Fiesta:


Tango Fiesta is a kindred spirit to Broforce in the way it pays homage to the classic B action movies of the 80s, the main difference being this game’s perspective as a top-down twin-stick shooter. Tango Fiesta‘s early access alpha status shows through a lot more than Broforce, as there is noticeably less content and noticeably more bugs at this point in time, but it is chaotic run-and-gun fun all the same, with procedurally generated levels to boot. If you have a pal around for local play or actually manage to get the online functionality to work properly, the game is ideally suited for cooperative play and the exchange of countless dude-bro high fives.

Major Mayhem:


Originally developed for mobile devices, Major Mayhem made the jump to PC earlier this year — and it is an absolute joy to play. Instead of tapping on a touch screen, the mouse functions as your light gun in this rail shooter which combines the cover-based mechanics of Time Crisis with 80s action hero camp and the colorful charm and spirit of a Saturday morning cartoon. Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to be the main source of inspiration behind the lead character, as the Major of mayhem guns down his enemies like John Matrix from Commando and “gets to the choppa!” at the end of each level in pursuit of his captured girlfriend. Further action hero influence is felt from the wealth of unlockable costumes and power-ups that allow the Major to dress up like Rambo, Chuck Norris, Robocop, Indiana Jones, Neo and John McClane, in addition to other oddities like clown afros, mankinis, chicken hats, and even Michael Jackson as he appeared in “Thriller.” Fortunately, all this silliness is matched by gameplay that is just plain fun. The third-person side-scrolling approach to rail shooting is pretty unique, not to mention incredibly fast and addictive as you quickly pop in and out of cover to fire at ninjas, mummies and dudes wearing fedoras that stick their heads out and flip across the screen from all sides like puppets in a shooting gallery and attempt to string together extended kill streaks. Once you get a taste, you’ll be hooked on making high score runs and unlocking new guns and costumes like Heisenberg’s pure blue meth.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon:


Blood Dragon might look and play like it’s from the future, but it is deeply rooted in 80s VHS culture, so much so that its protagonist is voiced by none other than Michael Biehn. From the opening playable scene, which has you at the trigger of a helicopter machine gun turret shooting down at an enemy base with reckless abandon to the lyrics of Little Richard’s “Long Tall Sally,” to base capture objectives which involve liberating garrisons to spread democracy across the open-world map, this game will have you pledging your allegiance to Lady Liberty just like Rex Power Colt himself.

Read our full review of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon for more detailed impressions.

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