CellFactor: Revolution Free Game Download Launched

CFR_Screenshot_4_1.jpgFor so many PC gamers nowadays, it’s a beautiful era of discovery and change, while there is also the ongoing struggle of what is truly “next-gen”.  One of the hottest topics has been physics processing and how to effectively offer the best physics capable in a game.  Hotly anticipated titles like Crysis and Alan Wake have helped show some of the basics of future physics capabilities, but without support of a true PPU and instead using Nvidia’s integrated physics processing found in their DX10 cards, physics is still standing at a bit of a standstill.

Well, PC gaming fans, rejoice.  Today, the guys at Immersion Games have released their free version of CellFactor: Revolution.  For those who haven’t followed the project closely, CellFactor originally started out as a tech demo to show off the Ageia PhysX PPU card.  However, after extensively building on the tech demo, Immersion decided to take things a step forward and develop a first-person shooter around the game.  While the game does feature a single player mode, the main focus is on multiplayer, which can support up to 8 humans and 16 AI bots.

The big deal about the game focuses around its extensive use of the Ageia PhysX graphics card, which you will need to be able to play the bulk of the game.  Two areas are playable without, but the rest is too intense for just a normal gaming rig (although whether the card will run on a Havok FX card is still to be determined).  Early demo videos showed a game that featured cutting-edge graphic capabilities, clothing and texture quality that surpassed anyone, and the ability to handle up to 500 – yes, that is the right number…500 – individual objects with independant physics at a time.  As the game continued in development, that number continued to increase until they just couldn’t do anymore (the most I think I ever saw on-screen at one time was about 1,200 before I stopped keeping track).

Anyways, if you wish to download the game for free, you can do so by visiting the official CellFactor website.

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