CES 2008: Atlantic Showcases New Entertainment Storage Products

During CES this week, Atlantic has introduced an array of new storage products for gaming, movies, music and remotes — pretty much everything that goes into any home entertainment setup.

Headlining the lineup is the Stealth Entertainment Center, a light-weight entertainment stand capable of holding a flat-panel TV up to 50 inches, four entertainment devices on its side-branching shelves, and a vertical console or PC in its central storage unit, which has been designed with a ventilated bottom panel to prevent overheating, a door lined with a infrared transmissive fabric so wireless controllers and remotes will work even when its shut, and a wire management system that guides all wires to a dedicated surge protector space hidden in the compartment. In perfect theme with the Stealth name, the stand sports a glossy black exterior and tinted glass shelves. The Stealth Entertainment Center goes on sale this April for $399.


“Atlantic created the Stealth to cater to today’s consumers who wish to enjoy a variety of home digital entertainment in a single room,” said James Dardashti, chief operating officer of Atlantic Inc. “The Stealth allows all the home theater essentials to be stored in one stylish location. With a unique construction and design, the Stealth will appeal to a wide range of consumers.”

As part of Atlantic’s GameKeeper line of storage solutions comes the Transformer Gaming Center, a stylish mobile cabinet perfect for storing and organizing all of your gaming consoles and accessories. The Transformer is “capable of morphing from a compact obelisk when closed, to a winged mobile gaming command center when opened,” with room for up to four consoles (or other entertainment devices), six controllers, and additional accessories like Guitar Hero guitars and satellite speakers. Style is a key element as well, with blue LED lighting lining the shelves and a sleek matte black finish coating the unit.


A lot of thought has also gone into designing the unit to optimize airflow and maximize organization. Two fans have been built into the side of the cabinet and the back of the unit has been left 75% open to ensure proper air circulation and prevent overheating. The open back also provides easy access to all plugs and cables, while a steel wire spine running down the back serves as a wire management system. And below the wire spine is a surge protector cradle, so everything is pretty much covered here. Watch for the Transformer Gaming Center to hit retail in May for $199.99 as a base unit, with a kit for the fans and lighting selling individually for an additional 60 bucks.


“Atlantic created the GameKeeper line to help the growing population of gamers keep their console wires, accessories and other equipment organized at home,” said James Dardashti, chief operating officer of Atlantic Inc. “We believe the unique construction, functionality and aesthetics of the Transformer Gaming Center will appeal to gamers of all generations.”

Last up in the Atlantic CES lineup is the Media Living System, a series of three storage compartments for organizing music, movies and remotes. There’s the Movie Caddy that holds up to 130 DVDs in special Movie Lumen Sleeves that safely hold two discs apiece, the Music Caddy holds up to 85 CDs in similar Music Lumen Sleeves, and the multipurpose Charging Station that can hold DVDs, CDs, remotes and other items you like to keep handy around your entertainment center (used just for media, it has a 75 CD/50 DVD capacity). The Movie Caddy, Music Caddy and Charging Station all come out in April and will retail for $29.99, $24.99 and $19.99 respectively. Both caddies will come with starter packs of 50 disc sleeves, while additional sleeves in packs of 50 will be sold separately ($14.99 for the movie sleeves, $9.99 for music).


“Atlantic created the Media Living System to help organize our growing media collections, remotes and small chargeable electronics,” said James Dardashti, chief operating officer of Atlantic Inc. “We believe the three storage containers and companion sleeves will help consumers more efficiently organize their media. Storing music and movie liners with the media addresses the major concern most consumers have with discarding their bulky jewel cases.”

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