Check The Auction House, Even Without WoW

Thanks to the wonder that is, I discovered a link that can be of use to World of Warcraft fans, even if you’re at work at can’t access Azeroth.

With a quick visit to, you can simply type in a search query, filter on a particular server and item type, and see what’s been recently scanned on the particular server. The search results return the buyout price, along with average and median price, the time left on the auction and the auction’s owner. This is an excellent reference for anyone wanting to find a great going rate for a particular item by simply opening a web page and searching. The only disadvantage is that not all servers currently have scans running, and the database is only filled with Alliance side auctions. Hopefully as the site progresses though, more servers will come up and the Horde will get their auction house scanned too.

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