Company of Heroes Expansion Announced For Fall

cohOF1_2.jpgThose of you who don’t play PC games, you really need to expand your horizons and get some culture.  Seriously, while most people were hogging up copies of Gears of War this holiday season, or they were too busy rounding up whatever PS3 and Wii units that were available at retail for a quick eBay buck, the PC crowd was enjoying one of the most solidly-built, intense RTS games ever created:  Company of Heroes.  It’s okay, though, because now you have every reason to catch back up, as THQ and Relic announced plans today to release the first expansion pack for the game entitled Opposing Fronts in the fall of 2007.

Opposing Fronts will introduce the British 2nd Army’s liberation of Caen, France and the German Panzer Elites as two new factions for multiplayer matches.  Meanwhile, you’ll also have two full single-player campaigns that will follow the two sides as well.  Amongst these things, Relic is also promising more technical achievements with the game, including weather effects added to the already gorgeous graphics and physics of the existing Company of Heroes, as well as advanced computer A.I. and better mission persistence.

Right now, Opposing Fronts is set to be released this fall, and with Relic’s track record, it’s almost guaranteed that the expansion will not disappoint fans of the first game or newcomers to the franchise.  Once we have more info for you, we’ll let you know.

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