Conan Adventure, Combat and Magic Trailers

Three new trailer vignettes for THQ’s upcoming PS3 and 360 Conan action/adventure title have just arrived for us to share, each themed after a different aspect from the game, starting with the story and adventure elements, then moving onto the combat before closing with the elemental magic. Watch all three trailers below, with accompanying descriptions provided by THQ.

Adventure Vignette: This video gives a quick taste of the game’s storyline, which begins in a very mysterious, hidden island. Conan has come here seeking something of immense value but ends up setting in motion a chain of events that take him through many lands of Hyborea. His quest takes him to Shem, a once vibrant but now abandoned city overrun with wildlife. Here he confronts the giant Sand Dragon and discovers there are other powers searching for the same quarry as him. His voyage to Kush takes him into deep underground caverns, where men and animals alike worship unholy monsters in defiance of Crom’s will.

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Combat Vignette: This video shows some of the combat variety in the game. We see Conan fighting with multiple weapon styles: dual-swords, sword-and-shield and larger, two-handed weapons. We also see that Conan uses physical strength in the midst of combat, including kicking, grappling, bashing with his shield and other tactics designed to catch his enemies off guard. In addition, Conan can throw his weapons at any time, giving him ranged attack options. Conan can even throw objects like torches to set his enemies ablaze. As Conan, the player can experiment with different combat tactics and mix them seamlessly in a battle.

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Magic Vignette: Conan hates magic. He distrusts it and those who use it, but this quest requires him to turn some ancient and powerful magic against an enemy that would use it to expand his power over Hyborea. I don’t want to give too much away, but Conan discovers that his own armor has been infused (cursed, in his view) with this evil magic, so when he unwittingly recovers a lost gauntlet, he is drawn into this epic quest to find the source of the curse and remove it. Ultimately, Conan realizes that to destroy this magic requires him to use it wisely and sparingly.

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