Contra is Live, but Kinda Broke

contraboth.jpgIt seems that the arcade and NES Konami classic isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Though I haven’t had the chance to play it, with that Gear of War game and everything, others are finding that the online cooperative play is seriously messed up.

The following is from the folks over at Game|Life and their online experience with Contra:

So I’m playing Contra with Jared just now, and he’s going, “What the hell are you doing? Stop jumping around at the bottom of the screen.”

“I’m shooting the alien tower!”

“You’re jumping around like an idiot. You died. You got a game over.”

“What? You died. You’ve had a game over for like five minutes now. I felt bad for going on.”


“Take a picture of what you see on your screen, right now.”

Mine’s on the left, his is on the right.

We played another game and told each other what was happening on our screens.

“Alright, you just died again.”

“I didn’t die! I’m kicking ass! We’re in the base right now and you just walked into the electricity.”

“We’re not in the base, we’re still fighting the boss.”

“You got a game over.”

“I have eight lives left.”

So yeah….you might want to save your money until news of a patch to fix this issue comes about.

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