Cops > You When Waiting for a PlayStation 3

Narc.jpgWell, at least in Providence, Rhode Island. On launch day of Sony’s new console, people waiting in line at the Sony store in the Providence Place Mall were surprised when two security guards that were tasked with watching over the line allowed seven individuals to move to the front. Among this group were at least two police officers from nearby communities who later went back to work and admitted to their superiors that they leveraged their titles to get to the front of the PlayStation 3 line.

Once word of this incident got out to the local news stations, they went looking for answers. As a result, both the Providence and Warwick police departments informed the press that these officers were under investigation and would likely face disciplinary action if the claims turned out to be true. Also, the Providence Place Mall stated that they’ve terminated the two security guards responsible for the PS3 line and the lot of unhappy customers.

See, I always knew that I chose the wrong profession to get sweet deals and line cuts.

Source: via Kotaku

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