Create Your Own 360 Game with XNA Game Studio

Maybe you know this, maybe you don’t, but here is a little background information on me. I’ve been playing games for a very long time (about 23 years now), and when I originally went to college it was to eventually become a video game programmer. My thought was that I enjoyed playing the things in my youth, why not be on a team that brought the same enjoyment I felt to a whole new generation of gamers? Well after going to college and reading many of the horror stories related to game developers working long hours for minimum pay, I decided that writing about and playing games in my free time was much better than growing to hate that which I grew up loving.

Anyway, Microsoft is giving everyone the ability to create his or her own game for the PC and Xbox Live using XNA Game Studio Express. XNA is a free utility for Windows owners that allows users to create their very own game using the software’s graphical interface. You don’t need to be a coding nerd to make something that your friends, family, and possibly other gamers around the world will enjoy. If you’re really serious about creating new content for Windows or the 360, you can subscribe to Microsoft’s Creator’s Club ($49 for four months, $99 for one year) and gain access to white papers, tutorials, sample projects, and a whole slew of other handy features let you flex those creative muscles.

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Having over 25 years of gaming experience, Zach knows a thing or two when it comes to one of his favorite entertainment activities. Additionally, he has also written many articles previewing and reviewing titles which can be found in various places around the net, including