Dead ‘n’ Furious Trailer Released

Like me, you may not have heard about this DS title currently in development by Dream On Studios, but after seeing the trailer I’m definitely interested.

According to their website, you take the role of a prisoner that awakes to find his cell door open, a gun by his side, and a prison filled with the living dead. To escape this hell, you use the DS’s touch screen, tapping it to shoot and reloading by dragging ammo from a menu bar to your weapon. While the game is an FPS, it operates more along the lines of House of the Dead where you are guided around each level, but can choose different paths along the way. After looking at the footage, the graphics look quite similar to Quake, which is a title I loved back in the day.

A U.S. release date has not yet been announced, however Dead ‘n’ Furious is slated for a November 2006 release in Europe.

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