Dear GameStop, Why Are You Retarded?

360 Guitar Hero II ControllerDo you see this picture on the right? It is what I consider to be Microsoft’s biggest bomb of the X06 conference this year, that being Guitar Hero II would be coming out this fall for not only the PS2, but also the Xbox 360.

I had to pick up some printer cartridges this evening and since I was just a few stores away from GameStop I decided to pop in and reserve a copy of GH2. When I told the clerk what I was there to reserve, he gave me a funny look and told me that Guitar Hero wasn’t coming out for the 360 and I must mean the PS2. I attempted to argue with this clerk, but he insisted that I didn’t know what I was talking about and that Guitar Hero would not be released for the 360. More than a little pissed, I told him I would just pick it up at Target then when it was released and promptly left.

Why is it that every single time I have to deal with either EB or GameStop clerks they act as if they know everything about gaming and I’m just some naïve customer that can’t get by without their guidance? What are some of your experiences with these “all knowing, all seeing” game clerks?

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