Deathmatch Goes Portable in Resistance: Burning Skies

Here’s your first look at the human vs. Chimera multiplayer mayhem of upcoming PlayStation Vita FPS, Resistance: Burning Skies.

True to the Resistance series, Burning Skies will centralize around an engaging single-player narrative, but Nihilistic Software is also strapping on a rather robust multiplayer component. Obviously, the limitations of portable FPS multiplayer are evident by the 8-player maximum and the somewhat small offering of only three modes and six maps, but in proper context that should be a beefy enough suite to keep competitive gamers happy while fraggin’ n00bs on the bus ride home. Plus, the game will have a system of level progression and upgrade unlocks, customizable loadouts, voice chat functionality, leaderboards and a really cool NEAR social link.

Check out this complete list of confirmed multiplayer features:

• First competitive FPS multiplayer experience on the PlayStation Vita with an eight player multiplayer combat mode via Wi-Fi.

• Three game modes, including fan-favorite classics such as Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, across six diverse maps based on popular locations from the single player campaign.

• Resistance: Burning Skies leverages a built in matchmaking system to allow players to quickly and easily jump into the action, supporting matches as small as 2X2, or up to larger more intense matches of 4X4. Players can also set up private matches through Party to play alongside their own PlayStation® Network friends.

• Customize your loadouts with access to the entire weapon arsenal, including secondary fires. Progression based gameplay lets players level up their characters to unlock new upgrades and improvements to gain advantages in battle.

• Via Party, multiplayer supports voice chat through PlayStation Vita’s built in microphone or external Bluetooth headset.

• Connect with the PlayStation community through social features including leaderboards and NEAR, PlayStation Vita’s location based service. Through NEAR, Resistance: Burning Skies introduces a new social perk allowing players to either infect nearby gamers with the Chimeran Virus or rally members of the Resistance with the Human Spirit, awarding them valuable XP multipliers to carry into multiplayer battle.

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