Divinity: Original Sin Leaves Early Access for Full Steam Launch on June 20th


Larian Studios has confirmed that its indie super-RPG Divinity: Original Sin will launch in full on June 20th. That’s still a ways off, but fortunately the Early Access beta is still being updated regularly, including one just a few days ago that added all this good stuff:

• Complete overhaul of loot generation matrix. Expect much cooler treasure.
• Added 135 music tracks, including some all-time favourites from previous Divinity games
• Added a new “Way of the Rogue” ability and a variety of new Rogue skills
• Full overhaul of your Homestead at the End of Time
• You can create different user profiles, so your little brother or sister can play, too.
• Difficulty settings have been added, so players can pick which sort of experience they prefer.
• Added formations, both in turn-based combat and in real-time, for optimal tactical positioning
• All players playing Divinity: Original Sin can now chat with each other, making it easier to form multiplayer groups within the community.
• Added an “Illusionist Mirror” through which you can change your player’s looks in-game
• Replaced “repair” with “blacksmithing” and charm/intimidate/reason abilities by “charisma”
• Amended stats of “Way of the Ranger” skill
• Skill stats now level up with the characters, e.g. a level 1 flare is still useful at level 15.
• Added plenty of new skill visual effects
• Skills now have certain requirements. You can still learn a skill by boosting the relevant ability artificially, but once you lose the boost, you won’t be able to use the skill anymore.
• Full overhaul of all lighting, shading, and zoom. Get up close and personal!
• You can now give commands to each party member independently. Commands will be executed even if you’re focused on another party member.
• Party members avoid traps. Traps can be disarmed with disarm trap kits (an alternative solution to blowing up the trap, which may destroy neighboring objects).
• Journal now tracks the recipes you’ve learned.
• You can switch between party members while trading.
• There is now an interface to assign companions to other players in multiplayer.
• Several stability and performance fixes were made, in addition to loads of bug fixes. Most of the remaining networking issues should be solved now, too.

I’m trying to hold back from playing the Early Access as this is the type of game I want to experience all the way through in full once it’s 100% complete, but after the latest update I couldn’t resist dipping into the beta for a bit over the weekend. Even though I’ve only played for a little more than an hour, I am amazed by the game’s quality and obvious ambition and can already tell this is going to be an RPG for the ages.

Watch the new trailer if you don’t believe me!

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