Dokapon Kingdom’s Random Events Debriefed


Random events will play a significant role in determining the outcome of a rousing game of Atlus USA’s upcoming board game party RPG Dokapon Kingdom. While working your way around the game board, you’ll occasionally land on plain yellow spaces. These yellow spaces are the common location for player-versus-player battles to go down, but every so often they’ll also trigger various random events. Some helpful, some not so much. To get an idea of the vast array of random events you and your board game buddies will be facing when the game ships for PS2 and Wii on October 14th, hit the jump for an overview of 10 of the events with accompanying screenshots, courtesy of Atlus.

Weber the Trickster likes to mess with contestants, usually tricks he finds fun but you likely won’t.

Risque the Bandit offers players a chance to steal something from an opponent, but very often his fingers are not quite fast enough to get the job done (although he’ll have a firm grip on your payment).

Robo-agent will offer players with the chance to “take out” one of their foes (and we’re not talking about eating out). Upon payment, he’ll transform into Robo-Sassin, and from that point it will be nail-biting suspense for your enemy as they hope to avoid encountering the obscenely overpowered automaton. Of course, very often Robo-Sassin is willing to consider taking double his original payment from his intended target, which will turn him back on his original client…

The Beggar will ask you for money, simple as that. Pay him or don’t, there may be consequences either way…

Kira the Merchant offers exceptional wares at hard to beat prices, but very often players will encounter her with empty pockets, which can only frustrate as she takes her rare wares elsewhere.

At the start of each week (and weeks are comprised of 7 rounds, in which each player has to have one turn), there is the possibility of random global events, which vary in scope and often can completely change the focus of the game:

The Coliseum, for example, may pull all players to its great arena for a little bit of player-versus-player action, all for the enjoyment of its rather hedonistic owner.

A “Wabbit Explosion” indicates to all contestants that there will be an inordinate number of Wabbits on the loose, something to consider when landing on an empty yellow space…

The “Hairstyle contest” allows players who’ve taken the time to collect and use rare or fancy hairstyles to put their glam to the test. Who will be voted the fairest of all?

The “Epidemic” will hit you where it hurts the most: your wallet! Your citizens are ill and need your help… Expect to pay a sizeable amount in aid based on the number and size of the towns you own.

The “Abnormous Disaster” can really set folks back, knocking all of the towns on a single, random continent down a level and robbing them of all of their currently accumulated taxes. All those investments you poured lovingly into your little hamlets? Oh my, misplaced, so sorry!

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