Dragon’s Crown Official Website Launches with New Info


Dragon’s Crown, the 2D beat ’em up dungeon crawl RPG from the same family of Vanillaware titles that includes Odin Sphere and Princess Crown, has launched its full official website. As you might expect, with the launch of the web portal comes new details about the game, its story, and its characters.

Profiles are available for the game’s six playable classes, providing general insight on the attack strategies each hero specializes in. For example the Amazon is a fearsome and agile female warrior who uses two-handed weapons and kicks with her muscular legs to dish out punishment on lizard men and goblins. The Sorceress on the other hand uses her vast knowledge of the arcane arts to command skeleton minions and transform enemies into less menacing creatures like frogs. Then there is the Dwarf, a stocky brute who likes to dual wield hammers and axes — that is when he’s not picking up enemies and Hulk-smashing them into each other for mass carnage.

In town, players will encounter various NPCs that will play a vital role on the quest to find the Dragon’s Crown. Guild leader Samuel will serve as the taskmaster, offering training and requests for adventurers to undertake. From his lab in the Old Tower, the wizard Lucain will sell magic items and provide other forms of magical aid. Other support characters will actually tag along on the journey into the labyrinth, including the lock picking rogue named Rannie and Tiki the fairy guide.

The website also clears up important details about multiplayer as well as functionality between the PS3 and Vita versions of the game. Both versions will support same-platform local and online cooperative adventuring for up to four players. While cross-platform multiplayer will not be supported, meaning Vita gamers won’t be able to join online games with their friends playing on a PS3, the transfer of save data between systems will be available.

Discover more about Dragon’s Crown by visiting www.atlus.com/dragonscrown. And don’t forget to add it to your bookmark list for future updates.

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