Dual Sword Swinging Revealed For Red Steel

RedSteelDualSword.jpgWhen I went to reserve my Wii, out of all the titles available at launch I chose to reserve only Red Steel. I’m not sure what exactly drew me to this title, but I’m certain that the sword wielding had something to do with it.

Well this morning, the folks over at Siliconera released some interesting information about the game’s sword fighting aspect. Mainly that if you’re able to adhere to the way of bushido (mainly by having opponents kneel before you rather killing them), your character will be given the ability to use two swords independently of one another. This will effectively turn the nunchuck into a secondary sword, with which you’ll be able to block and parry attacks as well as go on the offense with too.

I’m glad to know that the semester I spent taking Eskrima stick fighting might actually go to use.

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