E3 2007: Atlus Announces Four New Titles

Atlus USA

While most publishers’ E3 lineups appear to consist mostly of previously announced games this year, Atlus USA’s E3 2007 lineup features four brand new games that have just been unveiled today.

The star of Atlus’ lineup is unquestionably Trauma Center: New Blood for the Wii, an all-new entry in the popular surgery simulation/puzzle game series scheduled for release this holiday season. New Blood will feature a new storyline and character cast, full voice acting, new operations to deal with, 480p and 16×9 widescreen support, an online ranking system and, best of all, a new two-player co-op mode!

Also on the docket is Touch Detective 2½ for the DS, the sequel to last year’s criminally overlooked adventure game Touch Detective. Touch Detective 2½ will feature all the proper improvements a great sequel should, including a longer story spanning five new episodes, double the amount of locations to explore, all-new characters to interact with (as well as returning favorites like Cromwell, Funghi, Penelope and returning star Mackenzie), and more unlockable goodies and side quests, all brought together by the same quirky humor and art style that really made the original game such a joy. Touch Detective 2½ is due out this holiday season.

And last but not least, Atlus has announced two new DS rhythm games: Draglade and Ontamarama. As an innovative combination of the music and fighting game genres, Draglade will test your rhythmic reflexes as you fight and dance to eliminate your foes, be it solo, with a friend in local co-op action or against other players around the nation online via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Ontamarama, on the other hand, is more of a traditional rhythm game, taking advantage of the DS touch screen, microphone and dual-screen display to turn up the volume of the music game genre. The game will feature 12 stages, each with their own unique melodies, unlockable songs and items, a story mode with three difficulty settings catering to players of all skill levels, and Freeplay and Challenge modes for more replay value and greater levels of difficulty.

Both Draglade and Ontamarama are vaguely listed as Fall/Winter 2007 releases.

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