[E3 2008] Wield Godly Powers in the Palm of Your Hands With Populous DS

Quietly, XSEED Games had quite the strong showing this E3. No blockbusters, but a number of surprising under-the-radar type of games that are sure to be real gems, like Little King’s Story, KORG DS-10 and the topic of this post, Populous DS (and even a few other titles I’ll tell you about soon). That’s right, Peter Molyneux’s famed PC god sim from way back in the day has been picked up for a pocket-sized DS remake. Packing a touch-screen interface, new gods and miracles, an expanded single-player campaign and four-player wireless play with the nostalgic charm of the game’s classic graphics, Populous DS is set to descend from the heavens this fall. I now beckon forth the first trailer, screenshots and fact sheet so you may witness the true powers of this godly game.

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Populous DS Fact Sheet

Title: Populous DS
Publisher: XSEED Games
Platform: Nintendo DS
Release Date: Fall 2008
Genre: Strategy
Player: 1 – 4 players

In the beginning, there was nothing but a void, and from the void five gods created the world, each exercising their great power to shape the world with five different but brilliant colors.

Earth created the basis for all things; Water soothed it; Fire imbrued it with vitality; Wind breathed into it freedom; Harvest provided it with nourishment.

Fish, beasts, and finally beings called man came into existence. The power of the gods brought harmony among all living things and the world gave way to an age of glory.

However, prosperity created darkness in the hearts of man, and from that darkness demons were birthed. The demons controlled the same five elements as the gods and rose against them. A chaotic battle for the world had begun.

Thus opened the gates of an age of darkness, where man trembles in fear, helpless as the awesome powers rage around them. It marked the beginning of a long-lasting age that would test their faith between the gods and the demons.

A completely re-imagined remake of the PC classic that launched the god-sim genre, “Populous DS” brings the power of the gods into the palm of the player’s hands. The unique features of the Nintendo DS improve upon the original as touch-screen controls, dual-screens, and versus play with up to 4 players wirelessly have been implemented. The gameplay is fresh for returning players as multiple gods each with their own unique miracles have been added, while returning fans will recognize the classic maps from previous editions of Populous in homage to this legendary series.

– A Classis is reborn on the DS! – The interface is built around the stylus and touch-screen controls while retaining the feel of the classic. Actions taken on the bottom screen play out on the top screen.
– Additional Gods and Miracles – 5 different elementally imbued gods, each with their own unique miracles and demon counterpart, are now selectable rather than just one.
– More Single-Player Missions and Variety – Challenge Mode with 50 missions to clear as well as Free Play Mode including a “Find The Warrior” mini-game.
– 4-Player Wireless Multiplayer – Versus Mode allows up to 4 players to compete unleashing disasters such as earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions to wreck havoc on opponents’ lands!
– A Must-Have for Populous Fans – The most popular and classic maps from previous editions pay homage to the roots of the legendary series.

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