[E3 2009] Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference Recap

Nintendo’s E3 presser is officially in the books. So, how was it? Thankfully, light years better than last year’s train wreck. A number of cool new games were unveiled, including Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Other M and a multiplayer New Super Mario Bros. for Wii, and some good RPG love for the DS like Golden Sun DS, Mario & Luigi’s: Bowser’s Inside Story, and Kingdom Hearts. I do wish more games were shown using the Wii MotionPlus, and the no-show of a new Wii Zelda was a bit disappointing (Zelda: Spirit Tracks for DS didn’t even factor in other than a quick name drop). But overall it was a solid showing for Nintendo, about on par with Microsoft’s, I thought. Maybe even a bit better.

Full recap on the jump. Feel free to share your thoughts on what Nintendo had to show in the comments.

Nintendo trailer, “Everyone’s Game” is the theme.

Cammie Dunnaway takes stage. Talks increasing trends in video game consumption. Bigger than movies and music combined, etc. “Everyone’s Game” repeated, that’s definitely Nintendo’s theme here. Teasing what sounds like a new Mario game…

Yep, it’s a new Mario. It’s New Super Mario Bros. for Wii! It’s a multiplayer Mario!!! Players are Mario, Luigi and different color Toads. Play cooperatively or compete with others for the highest score. Very classic side-scrolling Mario. Single-player or up to 4-player co-op. Shake Wii Remote to launch into air with Propeller Suit. Game will launch this holiday season.

Now it’s time for Wii Fit talk. Wii Fit Plus unveiled. “Moves in an added direction.” Has a locker room. Six new strength and Yoga activities. Can combine activities in any order you want. Keep track of total calories burned. 15 new balance mini-games like juggling, skate boarding, and so on. Will launch this fall bundled with balance board and as standalone software.

Reggie joins the show. Time for Wii MotionPlus hype. New Wii Sports Resort/Wii MotionPlus trailer rolls. Now we get a real-time demo, showing more of the “precision and depth” the adapter provides. Skydiving mini-game from Wii Sports Resort shown. Tilt controller to twist, roll and flip Mii avatar around in the air. Archery shown next. Hold down Z button and pull back Nunchuk like bow. Finally, a three-point basketball contest. Flick wrist to shoot like real basketball. Still very tech demo-ish to me, but looks like good, simple fun.

Tiger Woods 10 and Grand Slam Tennis and Virtua Tennis 2009 Wii MotionPlus support plugged.

Red Steel 2 name dropped. Only playable with Wii MotionPlus.

All about RPGs now. Introducing Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. Trailer rolls, looks good. Kingdom Hearts coming to DS September 29th. Another impressive trailer. Mario & Luigi’s: Bowser’s Inside Story unveiled for DS. More great Mario & Luigi RPG hijinks, gotta love that! Game will be out in NA and Europe in the fall. One more important RPG news bit. Legendary RPG name coming back to DS…Golden Sun DS coming in 2010! Beautiful trailer, looks wonderful!

Cammie’s back to talk more about the DS. October 13th, Women’s Murder Club: Games of Passion coming to DS from author James Patterson and THQ. Find clues, analyze evidence, blah, blah, blah. New DS adventure from Ubisoft announced: C.O.P.: The Recruit. Looks like a GTA, and it’s in full 3D. Next is Style Savvy, some fashion game for girls and tweens. “Nintendo DS equals diversity.”

DSi presentation now starting. Flip Notes Studio coming this summer — create your own animated movies. New Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again with customizable levels announced. DSiWare downloadable game only, coming June 8th! WarioWare DIY unveiled next. Design own wacky mini-games yourself. Pretty neat! Share creations with others. This summer, auto-upload DSi photos to Facebook. Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks name dropped, but not shown.

Another “Everyone’s Game” trailer.

Satoru Iwata takes the stage. Starts talking about reaching new consumer groups and other boring stuff relating to satisfying core and casual gamers. Gives sneak peek at Wii Vitality Sensor. Got a phone call so missed what exactly it does, but looks like another gimmicky accessory. Apparently it’s supposed to help with relaxation or something like that.

More Mario news! Looks like a Super Mario Galaxy sequel. Looks exactly the same. Yep, it’s Super Mario Galaxy 2!

Three third-party titles with “harder edge” exclusive to Wii for 2009. The Conduit, Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, and Dead Space Extraction. All three look great.

New “edgy” Nintendo game? “Absolutely!” Team Ninja working with Nintendo on Metroid Other M. Looks awesome!!! Looks like third-person action/adventure and more story-driven than the Prime games. Coming 2010. “Unlike any Metroid before.”

Show over. Great stuff, but no new Wii Zelda 🙁

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