[E3 2009] Nintendo’s “Everyone” Press Conference 2009


Cammie Dunaway, VP of sales and marketing, Nintendo, started off the Nintendo press Conference this morning at 9:00 AM, with a message made clear to the world, anchoring the entire press conference and announcements with the expansion into the casual gaming theme that many are familiar with.

“Lots of people never stepped into gaming until the Wii,” said Dunaway. With over 23 million Wii units sold in the United states, and over 50 million worldwide, the Wii has and continues to expand its reach to households worldwide, bringing in more non-gamers to the gaming world.

The press conference put a major focus on casual games for women, and reaching the newly tapped audience. A slew of announcements and video snippets showing the Wii Fit Plus with new yoga and workout routines, the new precision controller and Wii Sports Resort, as well as Women’s Murder Club: Games of Passion and a very popular Japanese fashionista game with the U.S. title Style Savvy, are all part of the marketing to women push.

But Nintendo didn’t forget the hardcore gamers in all the hubbub.

The beloved company has a slew of games coming out for the RPG and Mario lovers.

B hitters this year for core gamers included the return of Team Ninja and Metroid for the Wii in Metroid: Other M. The trailer showed a mix between platformer and third-person shooter.

Super Mario Galaxy 2, announced by Iwata-san was glistening in 3D and stunning, and slated for 2010 release. The gameplay and graphics in SMG2 look similar to the first game, but this time, Yoshi is playable.

Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story is coming this fall for the DS. Not much info on it yet, but looks like Mario and Luigi gameplay and you get to play Bowser as well.

And what really got the crowd cheering was the announcement of RPG fan fave — Golden Sun DS — the series hasn’t been seen for six years, and now the goodness is back with a release for 2010.

Mario vs Donkey Kong: Minis March Again will be coming out on June 8 on DSi ware for download, and players will be able to design their own levels and share them over WiFi.

Iwata-san came on stage to present his “A Gamer in Everyone” presentation, and also announced Super Mario Galaxy 2. For the first time ever, a second full 3D Mario title to appear on a single Nintendo console.

Reggie took the stage to re-introduce several third party games, and emphasize the furthering of third-party partnerships including SEGA, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and Capcom.

Coming from third parties are games like the mature shooter, The Conduit, developed exclusively for the Wii from the ground up. Other upcoming games exclusive to Nintendo are Ubisoft’s Red Steel 2 (Wii), Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers (Wii) and the classic Kingdom Hearts coming to the DS.

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