[E3 2009] Preview: Dead Space Extraction Hands-On


There has been much anticipation for Dead Space Extraction on the Wii, as the prequel to the original Dead Space released last year on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Coming exclusively to the Wii, Extraction plays like an on-rails shooter, but with deeper exploration and freedom of movement than the standard linear format.

The Extraction demo blissfully dropped me into the belly of the infested USG Ishimura planet cracker ships used for deep space mining. The sequence starts off with the crew trying to board the ship but encountering resistance with gunfire from the ship itself. Once boarded, the combat begins as gory infected Necromorphs with elongated limbs begin attacking.

The controls were mapped as such when I played: Using the Nunchuck’s analog stick to control movement, the Wii Remote was used for aiming, and the B button to shoot — Extraction‘s gory Necromorphs seem to thrive in the dark while taking numerous shots before going down, so you’ll constantly be pulling on that B trigger to take ’em out. Weapons in the demo featured familiar plasma cutters and plasma rifles like the original game.

You can also switch between weapons using the D-pad, reload with the Z button, and slingshot-grab remote items such as ammo or health using the A button. This handy controller map actually shows everything you can do.

I think many of us were wondering how it would look on the Wii, particularly in comparison to its super polished predecessor on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 with all the HD graphics, lighting and textures. Well, Extraction is looking quite impressive from what I saw, and in fact not only looks great, but feels very natural on the Wii. The game is able to stand up against some of the best looking Wii games out there.

Dead Space Extraction ships September 29th. Keep it locked on VGBlogger for continued coverage of this impressive Wii exclusive leading up to its release.

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