[E3 2009] Preview: The Conduit Hands-on Quickie


I’ve been waiting a long time to get a crack at The Conduit, and after playing it at E3 I’m glad to report the wait was well worth it. It’s so nice to see more hardcore shooters coming to the Wii!

This one definitely provides the satisfaction of picking off aliens with the precision of the Wii Remote, the ability to insta-scope in on your enemies for a quick sniper shot, all the while fending off quickly approaching hordes or respawning enemies who have faked death. It makes for a fast, frenetic and very fun shooter.

The level I played at E3 was a street level filled with cars and burning buildings and waves of enemies rapidly approaching. Lots of explosions everywhere, portals to shoot and seal up to prevent more incoming enemies, and a little adventuring to seek out the next area to run to.

The Conduit is another hot Wii title to check out, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it wins several awards coming out of E3 (just like it did during last year’s show).

Best of all, the game is finally ready to go public with the June 23rd US ship date only two weeks away!

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