[E3 2009] PSP Go Announcement Leaked Early


Jeez, Sony has had the damnedest time keeping their E3 news a secret. The latest leak? The PSP Go. Yes, it really is, well… real!

Rumored to be in the works for some time now, the PSP Go’s unveil was accidentally exposed via a leaked recording of the next episode of Qore, Sony’s video magazine about all things PlayStation. As rumored, the PSP Go is a UMD-less digital download-only PSP with built-in flash memory, a slid-open design and smaller form factor.

Here are the specs confirmed in the leaked video interview.

  • 16GB of flash memory
  • Memory Stick Micro slot
  • Bluetooth support
  • 43% lighter than the PSP-3000
  • 3.8-inch screen
  • The leaked Qore video didn’t just spoil the PSP Go announcement either. It also spilled the beans on a number of new PSP titles, most notably including a new Metal Gear Solid (is this the overly-teased new Kojima game?) and the long-in-development portable Gran Turismo.

    Pricing for the PSP Go isn’t mentioned in the video, but a fall launch is confirmed. The good news, as far as I’m concerned, is that the PSP Go won’t be a replacement for the PSP-3000. Although I am eager to see how Sony (and third parties) handle game releases moving forward. If the PSP-3000 will remain on the market it would seem that UMD releases will still be supported. So does that mean games will launch simultaneously via PSN download and on UMD? Sony has a lot to answer on this one.

    The bad news, however, is that the device itself doesn’t look all that ergonomically sound. The long-demanded second analog nub is nowhere to be seen, and the slide-open design appears to have crunched all of the buttons too close together. Just looking at the thing makes my hands uncomfortable. Looks can be deceiving though, so I guess I shouldn’t judge until I’m able to hold one in my hands.

    We’ll certainly be hearing much more about the PSP Go during Sony’s E3 press conference on Tuesday. But what are your thoughts on what’s been shown thus far?

    16GB PSP Go revealed early, new PSP MGS confirmed? [GameSpot]

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