[E3 2009] The Return of E3 Day 1 Recap: Rabbids, Ghostbusters and a Man in a Giant Plastic Ball!


It’s Tuesday, June 2, 2009 and the very first day of the E3 show floor has opened up. Right before the doors opened, the lobby was packed with a ton of people waiting to get in. There must have been a couple thousand or so on the lobby’s ground floor, lined along the upstairs walkway, and densely gathered outside. Rock Band had a stage set up in the lobby, with people singing and performing to keep folks entertained as they waited, and huge banners of Final Fantasy XIII, Tekken 6, and Mass Effect 2 draped the entrance.

Though the lobby was packed, outside in front of the convention center the crowd began to thin out as it got closer to noon. Sony had its press conference that started at 11am, and ran late past noon, so another large group of press hadn’t got to the convention center yet.

Outside in front of the South Hall, a man was rolling around in a giant plastic ball. Very curious so I went for a closer look and it turned out to be a promotion for Disney’s upcoming G-Force hamster video game. Hmmm… doesn’t it get hot in there?

Next to that was a giant trash sculpture and giant toilet which turned out to be Rabbids Go Home. I ran into Adrian Lacey of Ubisoft’s Montpellier, and snagged some shots of him and his Rabbids.

At the West Hall, a giant Stay Puff Marshmallow man stood smiling over everyone, and later in the day I ran into the Ghostbusters team. I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

Heading back into the South Hall, the rush of people running through the floodgate is just an incredible sight as everyone runs in, and the show, to all our satisfaction, is like the years before — large, colorful, and overwhelming. It’s also the return of the booth babes as well, as there were definitely more of the less-dressed ladies walking around in fishnets, crop tops, and daisy dukes.

I got to roll by some of the booths in the West Hall, and at the Bethesda booth, Richard “Demo Dick” Marcinko was autographing for Rogue Warrior!

Check out the photos and I’ll get more updates to you later!


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