[E3 2009] Wii Fit Plus – A New Balance


The Wii Balance Board (and Wii Fit) has become something of a phenomenon in itself, with some analyst calling it a separate gaming platform with over 15 million units sold worldwide. With the overwhelming success of the Balance Board, Nintendo announced the next version today — the Wii Fit Plus.

“The original board was something for everyone,” said Dunaway. “Now the Wii Fit Plus helps find an exact routine that works just for you.”

Players will now have their own personal trainer. Wii Fit Plus comes with 5 yoga activities which can be combined, repeated, and customized for each person’s own personal workout. Forget going to the gym. With 15 new balance games that come with the board, players will have their regular stretch and fitness routines right in the comfort of their home. Dunaway called it, “Brain Age for your backside.”

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