E3 2014: From Steampunk to the Stone Age, Daedalic Entertainment Embarks on Two Grand New Adventures


Daedalic Entertainment, the German indie developer known for beautifully hand-drawn adventure games like The Whispered World, Deponia, and The Night of the Rabbit, has revealed the addition of two more compelling titles to the studio’s roster of future point-and-click adventures. I was hoping for more details about The Whispered World 2 to come out this week at E3, but completely new game reveals are always more than welcome.

The pair of adventures are hitting on two drastically different moods and settings. First up we have The Devil’s Men, a dark steampunk crime thriller written by Memoria author Kevin Mentz. Choices and consequences will factor heavily into the story progression as decisions made while solving puzzles will influence how the plot ultimately unfolds.


The following synopsis was provided with the game announcement:

England, 1871: A sleepy seaside town – once venue of a legendary world exhibition – is kept in suspense by a bizarre series of murders. The trace leads to the old exhibition grounds, where ruins of steel and glass are the new shelter to a gang of waifs and strays, misfits and tramps – known as “The Colony”. To buoy up, the colony pursues more and more influence in the town and doesn’t shirk from ruthless means.

The 20-year-old Adelaide Spektor feels threatened by this menace. Adelaide was still a child when she was left by her father, the famous detective Karol Spektor. Since then, she is hiding on the town’s streets and lives in fear to be discovered by the colony and to get swept up in a life of crime, contrary to the morals of her family. When she witnesses the murder of her father’s old friend, she sees her chance to find Karol Spektor and reclaim her former place in society. But only the notorious colonist and double murderer Emily can help take up Adelaide’s father’s trail.

Together the two women get entangled in a plot leading to the “Devil’s Men” – a coterie of scientists who have exceeded the limits of the spiritual and material world decades ago, yet are bizarrily perishing one after another. Will Adelaide and Emily manage to track down Karol Spektor? And what is his connection to the Devil’s Men?


Then there is Fire, a cute and colorful slapstick adventure about a loveably clumsy Neanderthal named Ungh who must embark on a quest to rekindle his tribe’s precious fire (which he let die out over night after falling into a deep sleep).

Ungh’s Stone Age journey will span more than 30 environment backgrounds populated by a cast of quirky characters and prehistoric beasts (yes, dinosaurs!), all hand-drawn and animated in signature Daedalic style. Ungh’s expressive animations will be used to convey much of the storyline in favor of abundant dialogue. A 1-click control scheme will make character and puzzle interaction intuitive and accessible for all players, a wise design choice given the lighthearted nature of the game.


Fire is scheduled to release late this year on PC and Mac. The Devil’s Men will follow in spring 2015, presumably also on PC and Mac (the press release doesn’t specify platforms).

Looks like the indie adventure game renaissance won’t be fizzling out anytime soon, folks!

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