EBX/GameStop Can’t Fill All PS3 Pre-Orders on Launch Day

PS3Fire.jpgNearly a month ago individuals were camping outside of their local EB Games or GameStop in hopes of grabbing one of the 8 to 16 reserves that upper management were allowing them to sell. This initial launch allocation estimate given by Sony was done so with enough confidence to allow one of North America’s largest game retailers to take $100 per reservation.

With the launch of the PS3 only days away, Sony has adjusted their launch forecast and the numbers are not looking pretty. A representative from GameStop informed Gamespot today that with Sony’s newest revised allocation, they will not be receiving enough PS3 units to cover all of the pre-orders made weeks ago. All customers that did pre-order a PlayStation 3 should be receiving a call within the next 24 hours from a GameStop/EB Games employee informing them if they can expect a system on launch day.

GameStop is attempting to keep those gamers not getting their pre-ordered system happy by offering a free used game or DVD of their choice, as long as its under $19.99. There has been no word on whether or not refunds will be made if gamers decide to take their money and wait inline somewhere else.

UPDATE: Gamespot is reporting that those who pre-ordered at Toys R Us will be fine. The company has assured that they will be able to honor all pre-orders, however there will be no spare units available for those without a reservation.

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