Emerging, Rocking, and Skating into Retail Outlets Near You

Today is a very big day in gaming. Three titles that many people have been looking forward to will all be competing for your hard-earned cash come later in the week.

GOW_BA.jpgFirst up we have Gears of War for the Xbox 360. Of course we’ve talked about this game a lot on here, so much that you’d think we were getting paid for it. Alas, we are not, which makes us generally excited to see this title in action. So far the game has had nothing but stellar reviews pouring in. Even 1up was smitten enough to give it a perfect 10 out of 10. We’ll finally be able to see what all of the fuss is about starting tomorrow, and I expect I’ll see a few of you online this weekend to partake in all of the Emergence Day festivities.

GH2_BA.jpgIf music and rocking out are more your thing, Guitar Hero II is now available in stores. I headed over to my local Best Buy today and was able to try this title out first hand. It’s just as good as the original, and now with the added difficulty of hitting three buttons at once, it’s new practice mode will get probably as much play time as the regular single player game. And what song did I choose for my test drive through rock? Trogdor of course.

THP8_BA.jpgFinally we have the legendary skateboard master Tony Hawk coming just about every console with Tony Hawk’s Project 8. What’s new in this year’s version is the inclusion of the new “Nail the Trick” feature which allows players to perform ad-hoc flips of the board while gliding through the air. If you have a 360, you can even check out a free demo of this title over Live.

So with that, I hope you’ve been saving, because this is just the start of very expensive month for Gamers.

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Having over 25 years of gaming experience, Zach knows a thing or two when it comes to one of his favorite entertainment activities. Additionally, he has also written many articles previewing and reviewing titles which can be found in various places around the net, including VGBlogger.com.