Fallout: New Vegas Patches Begin Rolling Out to Quell Overstated “Bug” Complaints


Fallout: New Vegas launched this week, and, as is becoming more an more common with big game releases, random people immediately turned to YouTube to post videos of bugs they found, major game sites and blogs ran with them, and suddenly everyone overreacts and the game is deemed the buggiest thing ever put onto a disc.

I’m not saying New Vegas doesn’t have bugs, because it most certainly does. I’m around 12 hours deep into the game (playing on Xbox 360), and while I have encountered glitches, the overwhelming majority have been of the silly sort, like dead enemies getting stuck hovering in mid-air and stuff like that. I’m also not excusing the bugs that do exist, but come on, the outcry so far has gone beyond overkill. For a game of this scope, small bugs were inevitable and certain things were going to pop up that the developers simply couldn’t predict.

Now, I do understand that some players are experiencing legitimate issues with save games and scripting, but there are also loads of people claiming that specific design features are “bugs” when in reality they are functional tweaks to how the game works compared to Fallout 3. Just because certain things don’t work exactly the same as they did in Fallout 3 doesn’t mean New Vegas is broken. And if you’re playing a pirated copy of the game — your right to complain about poor performance has been revoked, so don’t bother.

For players with legitimate bugs to report, Obsidian and Bethesda are busting hump to get everything in working order and have already rolled out a few initial patches within days of the game’s launch. The PC version has received two quickie updates via Steam so far — one fixing issues with quests and scripting, and the other addressing an autosave and quicksave glitch related to Steam Cloud functionality (Steam Cloud has been turned off, only to be reactivated once the problem is 100% fixed). A similar quest and scripting update was released overnight for the Xbox 360 version as well, and the same patch is in final testing for the PS3 version and should be coming soon. Apparently, there was also a problem with the digital pre-order bonuses not working properly in the PS3 version, but that has also been addressed.

So relax, take a deep breath, be patient, and enjoy the great game that is Fallout: New Vegas.

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