Far Cry 4’s PlayStation Exclusive “Keys to Kyrat” Feature Explained (Plus a Glimpse Into the Mythical Realm of Shangri-La)


Back at E3, Ubisoft revealed a promotion with Sony that will give PlayStation owners of Far Cry 4 a way to invite their friends into the Himalayan open world for a free cooperative online play trial. This exclusive feature to PS3 and PS4 was further explained at Gamescom this week. Here’s how it will work: Buying a copy on either PlayStation console will come with 10 “Keys to Kyrat,” vouchers granting two hours of free co-op gaming per key to friends who don’t own the game.

It’s that simple, and it’s actually really cool if you think about it. Some might call it a glorified demo, but demos generally provide a very small portion of a game, often not even from the final release build. While two hours might not seem like a lot of time, the player using the key has access to any part of the game their friend is playing within that time. That’s better than any demo I’ve ever played. Oh yeah, and it is a free perk too, so there’s that.

The only thing left unanswered is whether or not one friend will be able to use multiple keys, or if the keys will have a hard limit of one friend per trial. I don’t even have 10 different PSN friends, so, for example, it would be great if I could maybe give one friend a few keys so they could play for 4, 6, 8 or more hours if they wanted to. I tweeted the official Far Cry twitter for clarification on that point, but I haven’t received any response. The cynic in me is thinking Ubisoft will go the one key per friend route. The other way would be too generous.

As far as Far Cry 4 the game itself, a new trailer has been released introducing Shangri-Là, a legendary universe of folklore running parallel to the living world of Kyrat, its vibrant red foliage and yellow skies providing a surreal contrast to the snowy Himalayan vistas of the main world. When venturing into Shangri-Là, players will be armed with naught but a knife and a special bow that shoots arrows causing time to temporarily slow down, and face off against deadly mythical enemies. Even cooler, a white tiger, the protector of Shangri-Là, will act as an ally, defending the player when in danger or attacking enemy targets on command. Watch the trailer below for a “Glimpse Into Kyrat.” You’ll also find new screenshots in our Screenshot Saturday Gamescom 2014 gallery round-up.

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