FFVII: Advent Children Complete Update

During last month’s Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix announced that the upcoming Blu-ray director’s cut edition for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete as it’s titled, was being postponed until 2008. As of this time, FFVII: ACC is still only confirmed for Japan, but given the original DVD and UMD versions’ successful reception here in the US and the gradually growing install base of Blu-ray I don’t see why Square Enix wouldn’t bring it over. I know I’d pick it up for all the visual enhancements, extended footage and new scenes that are being added.

Speaking of which, here is a small sampling of ACC screen grabs I recently got my hands showing off some of the updated HD effects and new scenes, along with the latest fact sheet info.

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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete:

The cutting edge CG film presented as its creators originally intended!

FINAL FANTASY VII: Advent Children was released on DVD and UMD in September 2005, selling 1,000,000 copies within Japan and a total of 2,400,000 copies worldwide – with additional language releases on the way.

This direct-to-video masterpiece was greeted from the onset with chart-topping sales and critical acclaim, and now the Complete edition is finally set for release on Blu-ray disc.

The film was originally produced with full-spec high-definition image quality in mind, and now with the cutting-edge capabilities of the Blu-ray disc format, the film’s original vision can be viewed on your own home entertainment system. From stunning background detail to the subtle changes in characters’ expressions, viewers can now experience the full scope of the film’s groundbreaking CG artistry.

Thanks to the Blu-ray format’s high-capacity storage, multiple language tracks will be included, allowing you to easily tailor the listening experience.

New Features:
Clothing that gradually dirties through intense combat, faces that darken with soot from explosions, and motorbikes pockmarked with gunshots – the Complete edition brings a grittier, dirtier look to the film’s nonstop action. Viewers will also enjoy newly added sequences and re-cut, extended scenes. More beautiful, more exhilarating, and more detailed than ever before, this release can truly be described as “Complete.”

Bonus Footage:
The Complete edition features new bonus footage omitted from previous editions due to DVD/UMD storage limitations. In addition to the bonus footage included in the original release, further footage enables viewers to explore the world of FINAL FANTASY VII: Advent Children like never before.

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