Finally! I Can Make My First Post!

Whew, what a week. I need help, VG Blogger!
Now I have to tell you a bit about myself so that statement won’t seem so ambiguous. I’m sort of a computer nerd by trade and practice, though many people don’t see that statement coming when they meet me in person. I’m a nerd with social skills who likes to snowboard, do BMX dirt jumping, lift weights, and spend time with my wife, as well as talk, write, and play video games. That statement about spending time with my wife of 7 years is a significant one because I travel a lot for work in all my glorious nerdery as a Storage Network Engineer. I basically build and configure Storage Area Networks, traveling to customer locations (mostly military bases) all over the U.S.
I had a busy week, which, unfortunately, didn’t include any gaming. My busy time was spent thinking and brewing on a life-changing decision, not necessarily on work, however, though I was gone all last week on a project. (My wife’s at work, so this blog won’t hamper any time with her!) I recently got a job offer for about 80% more money than I’m currently making, which would put me over the 6-figure mark. That seems like a no-brainer to take the job, but I love my current company and have already started my legacy there; I’m appreciated and sought after for my knowledge as well as friendship. Those aren’t things you can’t take lightly in a decision such as this.

The company that I’d work for is huge. They are the largest vendor in the Storage industry. They pay good but expect a lot of travel and time in return. My current job likewise has me traveling, but probably not near as much as the new company.

I decided to tell my company about the offer and see just how much my previous statement concerning my value to them held water. They were actually very understanding and would not shun me if I decide to take the other offer. I was given a choice: stay for a 40% pay increase and a promotion or move on for the 80% pay increase but start at the bottom again with a new company. My current company is only meeting me halfway on the pay, but that’s as much as they can go, which I believe. So I’ve been brewing over this for like 2 weeks now. I have to make my final decision on Monday.

Money isn’t everything to me, so keep that in mind. What’s important is being with my wife and making a good living. But I’ll be damned if the money isn’t so substantial that it veers me toward the direction of making it a catalyst in my decision.

So tell me, VG Blogger, what would you do?

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