Five Games You Should Buy Now That the PSN Store is Back Online


The PlayStation Network store is back online. Hurray!

But after more than a month of backlogged content, what downloadable games should you buy for your PS3 now that the digital storefront has reopened? Well, maybe I can help give you some ideas. Here are a few quick-pick favorites pulled from a bunch of games I’ve been playing since the PSN’s return. I think you’ll find each one worthy of your dollar. And hey, all but one is also available on Xbox Live Arcade, so don’t feel left out if you are playing on an Xbox 360!

The Fancy Pants Adventures ($9.99):
Brad Borne’s 2D stick figure platformer first rose to fame as a free Flash game five years ago, and now it has arrived on consoles with all the spunk, all the collectibles, all the speed-run acrobatics, and all the snazzy leg garments a platform nut could ask for. The controls can be a touch too floaty and slippery at times, but other than the occasional missed leap or faulty wall hop this game is a true delight. Plus, when you’re feeling lonely, you can always bring along a few stick figure friends to explore Squiggleville together with…or to smack over the head with a pencil!

Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls ($14.99):
If you have a taste for the old-school, Wizardry is THE game for you. This throwback role-playing game isn’t the prettiest girl at the ball, but its first-person dungeon crawling, text-based adventuring and deep party management is a true blast from the past. Try the demo first if you prefer, but be standing by with a fat PSN wallet because a few measly levels won’t be enough to scratch your retro RPG itch once this game sinks its addictive hooks in.

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes ($14.99):
Mike reviewed this bad boy in detail back when it was only a DS title, and everything he said holds true in this beautifully remastered HD version. Capybara Games’ artistry is on full display once again, with an anime-inspired style and colorful 2D graphics that animate before you like a classic Disney cartoon, and the game’s balanced blend of strategy, role-playing and match-three puzzles will keep you playing “just one more game” every single time you turn it on. And between the huge campaign and fun multiplayer, you will be playing this game for a LONG time to come.

Rush’N Attack: Ex-Patriot ($9.99):
Konami’s old arcade action-platformer returns in this poor man’s Shadow Complex. Sure, it may not be on the level of Chair Entertainment’s XBLA classic, but few (if any!) games are. And beyond any comparisons you may want to make (it also bears similarities to other recent reboots like the Bionic Commando Rearmed games), it’s a fun game in its own right, with a stealth-focused gameplay mechanic and combo scoring system that distinguishes it from the crowd. Don’t listen to a lot of the critic hate — this a game you need to play.

Hard Corps: Uprising ($14.99):
Here’s another downloadable gem from Konami. This non-branded prequel to Contra: Hard Corps is a run-and-gun masterpiece, combining the classic co-op (or solo) fun of the old Contras with a spiffy new art style from Arc System Works (the BlazBlue / Guilty Gear guys) and just enough new gameplay tricks to give it a modern edge. The long distance between checkpoints and punishing difficulty may frighten off the faint of heart, but if you’re up for a challenge Hard Corps: Uprising delivers like a spread shot to the face!

If these five games don’t tickle your fancy, there’s plenty of other new content to consider. Two games I have my eyes on but have yet to play, are Under Siege and Red Johnson’s Chronicles (anyone out there with personal impressions to share?). Both look like fantastic PS3 exclusives, and if you use your free PlayStation Plus 30-day membership from the ‘Welcome Back’ package they can be had at discounted rates — and any game you buy with the PS+ discount remains yours when the subscription expires.

Zen Studios was also hit hard by the PSN outage, so by all means grab yourself the awesome new Sorcerer’s Lair and Fantastic Four tables for Zen Pinball and Marvel Pinball, respectively. DLC tables for those games never disappoint!

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