Foundation Gaming Convention Day 1

On April 1st, the Foundation Gaming Convention was again held here in Lansing, MI. Because of the increasing attendance over the past years, they have moved the event over to the Lansing Center in order to have more space to spread out and not confine all the players to one area.

Let me take a step back and actually explain what the Foundation Gaming Convention is for those of you that are unfamiliar. At the highest level, it’s a convention for people that enjoy playing games to meet in one place over the course of a weekend and find other people that enjoy playing the same games. Now when I use the term “games” I mean basically any type of game you can think of, be it video games, board games (like Risk or Monopoly), pen and paper role playing games (like D&D), collectable card games (like Magic the Gathering), and even table top games (like Hero Clix). They even had a Lego event at the convention that involved people taking characters in an RPG sense and defend castles and the like. The Michigan LEGO Users Group does this quite often from what I understand. I’ve thrown a picture their castle display at the convention on the right for you to stare at in awe.

So as I was saying, I arrived at the Lansing Center around 6:45, just in time to sign up for the Halo 2 singles tournament at 7:00. It was run in a straight up bracket style with an even 16 players. So the groups were split into two groups of eight, and the top four of each group advance to the final group of eight. From there the top four moved on, and then top two. I made it into the finals against another player named Cody in a one-on-one match on beaver creek. Unfortunately he spawned closer to the overshield and rocket than I an beat me 10 to 5.

Knowing that Halo 2 was not really my best game, I was happy to take second and focus on the next tournament which was Tekken 5. This tournament was run a bit different with the 20 players being split up into pools of five, and the player with the best record within that pool would move onto the final pool. I used Asuka Kazama and cruised into the final pool where I again came in second. One of the players within that final pool was named Baron, who is one of the better Tekken/Soul Calibur players here in Lansing. We played a few more times after the tournament finished up and exchanged cell numbers so that we could hook up and play some more games in the future.

At the conclusion of the Tekken 5 tournament it was close to 10:00, so I headed home, to play some World of Warcraft with my wife.

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