Foundation Gaming Convention Day 2

I arrived at the Lansing Center early on the second day of the tournament in hopes of finding a partner for the Halo 2 team tournament later that afternoon. At this Foundation Gaming Convention, the organizers had somehow gotten a hold of a great set of prizes for the Halo 2 tournament, a set of the new iPod shuffles. Not only did this guarantee a great turnout for the event, but it also meant that a lot of great teams would be showing up to compete.

Now Halo and I have had a history together going back to the fall of 2003. I had recently moved to Lansing and found my first job in the area, a clerk at EB Games (hey, it was all I could get at the time :-P). Anyway, there I met a fellow gamer named Matt who’s game of choice was Halo. Although I had an XBOX, I had never played Halo. When I got my XBOX I had just come off of a year long affair with Counter-Strike, which is an excellent first person shooter for the PC. I hadn’t played a shooter on the console since Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64 and thought that the addition of mouse look to my shooting repertoire was so significant that console shooters could no longer hold their own. Upon playing Halo however, I knew that I was mistaken and although the dual analog controls to a bit to get used to, I was able to apply my FPS experience in no time.

So once I was at a level where I felt comfortable competing against others, I formed a team with Matt and two of his friends and we played in a few tournaments locally over the next six months. We never made it far in the tournaments, usually losing within the first few rounds or so and decided that we were coming in late to the Halo scene, especially after I researched all of the exposure that Halo had gotten worldwide and that the tournament scene was much more expansive than any of us realized. When Halo 2 came out with its new XBOX Live play, we again got together and played once more as a team and did better than before. Unfortunately schedules didn’t let us get together as much as before and our team slowly dissolved and my life was quickly assimilated into the world that is full of crafting war for some reason.

Once I heard about this tournament for the iPod shuffles though, I attempted to get one of the team members to be my teammate. Unfortunately they all had other plans so I was forced to find a teammate at the event, hence the fact that I arrived two hours early for the tournament. Luckily for me, there was someone without a teammate there as well that had read the article about me published in the Lansing State Journal the day before and wanted to team up with me. His name was Rio and surprisingly enough we made an excellent team and made it all the way to the finals.

In the finals we had to play two members of Psycho Soldiers, Dragonspear and another PS member. I had read about them quite a bit before this tournament and knew that Dragonspear was sponsored by Major League Gaming to play Halo 2 in other tournaments throughout the country. Needless to say we were pretty evenly matched up until around 11 kills when they happened to get some good weapons on Lockout and hold themselves up in one part of the map.

Once the Halo 2 event was finished, it was time to switch gears for Tekken 5. Again, I used Asuka and made it into the finals where I was severely beaten by an excellent Steve Fox player.

Finally I played in a Soul Calibur 2 tournament to finish out the night. For SC2 my best character is Ivy simply because I can usually play a lot of mind games with my opponent and always keep them guessing. The key word there was usually due to the fact that an entire team from Detroit came in and cleaned up the entire tournament. I was able to hold my own, but one of the members from the team was placed in each of the five pools and each made it to the finals.

So I guess what I took away from the tournament was that although you can be the “All Round Guy” and place well in all the events, if there isn’t a prize for the best all round player it doesn’t mean jack. The person who only plays one game day in and day out will always win because they don’t split up their time between different games, which is good for them because they’ll be very skilled in that one game. However I have the privilege of playing games from all different types of genre, getting exposure to many different communities, and generally having a good time all the time rather than just when I’m playing the one game I’m good at.

To all those that I met at this convention, I had some great games with you and hopefully I’ll see you at the next one this fall. If you happen to live in the mid-Michigan area, be on the lookout for the fall convention which usually takes place sometime in September. I’ll be there along many other players waiting to prove that they’re the best.

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