New Songs Announced for GH ’80s & GH III; GH III Vids Already Out?

Whilst looking around at the forums on RedOctane’s website (as I just can’t get enough info on anything Guitar Hero related nowadays), it would seem that RedOctane has let four more tracks slip out to the public for the upcoming release of Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the ’80s. Due out for the PS2 sometime this summer, speculated by many to be in July. The four new tracks cover a very wide variety of music from the decade of big hair and power ballads. The new songs announced are:

“We’ve Got The Beat” – The Go-Gos
“The Warrior” – Scandal
“Balls to the Wall” – Accept
“Only a Lad” – Oingo Boingo

Notice that I didn’t say anything about “as made famous by” or “as performed by”. The reason for this is that it hasn’t been announced yet whether these four songs will fall under one of the two categories. If you want my professional guess…I’ll go for “as made famous by” on all of them. These four songs already join a rather beefy tracklisting, which includes the following tracks that have already been previously announced:

“18 and Life” as made famous by Skid Row (which already makes this one of the greatest games ever…)
“Heat of the Moment” as made famous by Asia
“Holy Diver” as made famous by Dio
“Metal Health” as made famous by Quiet Riot
“Round and Round” as made famous by RATT
“I Want Candy” as made famous by Bow Wow Wow
“Lonely is the Night” as made famous by Billy Squier
“Synchronocity II” as made famous by The Police
“Bathroom Wall” as made famous by Faster Pussycat
“Shakin” as made famous by Eddie Money
“Play With Me” as made famous by Extreme (NUNO!!!!!)
“Nuthin’ But A Good Time” as made famous by Poison
“I Wanna Rock” as performed by Twisted Sister
“I Ran” as performed by Flock of Seagulls

So that makes a total of…18 out of 30 songs announced. I’m betting anything that we’ll end up seeing at least one song from Whitesnake (and it better be “Here I Go Again”!), at least one from The Cars (and it better be “Just What I Needed”!), and I’m sure that Styx has to be on there with “Renegade”…at least they’d better be!!! One thing that I’d love to see would be a song from Nelson, like “After The Rain”. Yeah…I know that the After The Rain album came out in, like, 1991 or something…but hey, they had the ’80s fashion going like a mofo!

We’ll keep you updated on all the newest tracklisting info for Guitar Hero ’80s as it becomes available.

Now, to move to the next official iteration in the proper GH franchise…

Apparently, IGN is on the ball with all announcements that have to do with Guitar Hero III, as they have been able to wrestle two more tracks for the upcoming game for the public. So without further ado, the two newly announced tracks are:

“Even Flow” by Pearl Jam
“Lay Down” by Priestess

It would also seem that IGN has posted up a couple of vids that feature some gameplay footage from Guitar Hero III. If you go to their site (and they haven’t taken the videos down yet), you should be able to catch a glimpse of short videos for the songs “Slow Ride” as made famous by Foghat and “My Name is Jonas” as performed by Weezer. After watching the videos, I was really excited about the next-gen look that everything OTHER THAN the fretboard had going for it. The fretboard, however, needs a TON of work…but given that RedOctane and Activision have already said that they had to build the game from the ground up, and that the fretboard is a beta version they are still improving on…we’ll give them a break. As long as that fretboard doesn’t stick around and they use the one seen in the past Guitar Hero games (because the one in the vids looks like the Freetar fretboard…a free computer-based rip-off of Guitar Hero), I think we’ll all be able to skip a heart attack. You can click here to check out the videos that IGN has posted up. Hope you enjoy.

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