Gamecock Publishing Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball


In a deal that was simply meant to happen, Gamecock Media Group has announced that it has signed on to publish Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball, Blazing Lizard’s debut title in its newly-trademarked Pirates vs. Ninja series. Powered by Infyrno, Blazing Lizard’s new proprietary game engine, Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball will feature Exhibition, Story and Challenge modes, 8-player online play, 4-player local play and 4-player co-op. The pirates and ninjas may be the stars, but there will be other teams to pick from too (none announced as of yet).

“If ever there was a team we were destined to work with and a game we were destined to publish, this is it!” said Mike Wilson, Grand Champeen of Gamecock Media Group. “Going beyond the brilliant concept, Blazing Lizard has shown us that their title will set a new high bar for gameplay and graphical expectations in downloadable console games.”

“Why Gamecock? They understand what a developer wants out of a publisher,” said Chris Stockman, Studio Director of Blazing Lizard. “It was an easy decision to team with them on Pirates vs. Ninjas™ Dodgeball, and we couldn’t be happier.”

Gamers will be able to settle the pirates vs. ninjas debate once and for all early next year (Q1 2008), though the platforms it’ll be showing up on haven’t been specified. It will be released as a downloadable game on “yet-to-be announced home console systems,” which means we’ll surely being seeing it on XBLA and PSN, I imagine. Original WiiWare content is supposed to start launching in early ’08, so maybe it’ll pop up on the Wii too…

Enough speculation, though. Here are some early screens to check out:

BlazingLizard_PvN-1.jpg BlazingLizard_PvN-2.jpg BlazingLizard_PvN-3.jpg BlazingLizard_PvN-4.jpg BlazingLizard_PvN-5.jpg BlazingLizard_PvN-6.jpg BlazingLizard_PvN-7.jpg BlazingLizard_PvN-8.jpg BlazingLizard_PvN-9.jpg

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