Gamefly’s “Wii a Day” Giveaway


So I logged into my GameFly account today to remind myself of what I had coming to me next in my queue when I saw a banner at the top saying “Play the GameFly Wii A Day Giveaway. One Nintendo Wii Winner Every Day.” Interested, I clicked on the banner and checked out the official rules.

For those of you wishing to spend your time doing other things than reading contest legalese, the rules are fairly simple. For the entire month of November, simply login to your GameFly account (a free 10 day trial is available if you don’t have one) and follow the links to the contest page. Once there, you just click the “Play Now” button and the website will inform you if you’re an instant winner of a brand new Wii. Starting November 2nd, the previous day’s winner’s name will be displayed on the contest page for all to envy.

Don’t feel like creating a free account? Then click on this super secret link and fill out the form for an instant win chance. What have you got to lose?

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