Gamers Need Energy Snacks? Really?


You know gaming products have gone too far when a company finds it necessary to create a dedicated brand of energy snack specifically for gamers. Having Halo-branded Mountain Dew is one thing, but packs of nuts and flower seeds promising to “improve concentration, crush hunger and boost energy” during long gaming sessions? I’m sorry, but that’s just absurd.

GamerFood is fueling this fight for gamer nourishment, today announcing a line of energy-enhanced snacks packed with caffeine, taurine, ginseng and lysine, a cocktail of ingredients that’s “scientifically proven to boost short-term memory, concentration, focus and alertness.”

“GamerFood is the snack for hardcore gamers. Not only does it nourish, it also boosts focus, alertness, and reaction time, giving players a competitive advantage,” said Chris Davis, CEO of GamerFood. “Convenience stores are stocked with energy drinks and protein bars for athletes but lack a space for gamers, GamerFood fills that void. Gaming is mentally demanding, with limited break time and late nights that run into mornings. We developed a series of snacks with industry experts that met our needs: delicious energy packed snacks, infused with energizing ingredients that deliver quick sustainable nutrition and energy.”

These snacks may indeed be tasty, but the whole gamer tie-in is utterly ridiculous. Anything that attempts to equate gaming with some form of athletics just makes me roll my eyes.

I do, however, bow my head to the GamerFood suits for the names they came up with for the different snacks. Cashews of Chaos are honey roasted cashews. Seeds of Victory are original salty flavor sunflower seeds. And then of course there are the Nuts of Destruction, a sack of peanuts kissed with an ancho chili lime flavoring. I can see hardcore multiplayer FPS players buying these just to say, “Chew on my Nuts of Destruction!,” whenever they score a head shot.

If you’d like a taste of some chaotic cashews or victorious seeds, expect to pay between $24 and $33 for a case of eight bags. Seeds of Victory run $23.99, Cashews of Chaos cost $32.99, and Nuts of Destruction split the difference at $25.99. Those are actually very reasonable prices if you average it out per bag. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed at the grocery store, but nuts are expensive, yo.

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