Games Workshop’s Mordheim Enters Phase 3 of Steam Early Access on Midweek Madness Sale

Mordheim: City of the Damned, developer Rogue Factor’s turn-based strategy RPG adaptation of the Games Workshop tabletop game, has been updated with its second major content drop, moving the in-development production into its third phase of Steam’s Early Access program. If all continues according to plan, the full game is expected to launch sometime during the first quarter of this year.

Massive is the first word that comes to mind when describing today’s Mordheim update, as you can see for yourself by reading the patch notes further down the page. If you’d rather not parse a huge list, the main highlights include the addition of The Cult of the Possessed as the fourth Warband, expanded Warband management, and new Skirmish mode objectives.

Accompanying the update, Mordheim is currently discounted by 33%, dropping the $31.99 full price to $21.43 until February 6th as part of Steam’s Midweek Madness sale.

Mordheim: City of the Damned Early Access Content Update 2 Release Notes

– A new playable Warband: The Cult of the Possessed.

– Reserves in Warband management: Warbands now have “reserves” you can choose from, to organize your Units before going to combat, based on their class and cost.

– All actions described in the tutorials are now available: Search and pray are now possible during Missions.

– New Extra objectives: With the search action now available, various extra objectives have been added as a new option to the Skirmish games (Marked for Death, Crush their Will, Wyrdstone Rush).

– Turn timer is now available in Skirmish: As requested by our community of Players, you can now set a time limit for a Unit turn.

As we already stated, we value the input of our players and we’ve done some adjustment according to the feedback we gathered:

General Changes

•The Actions of Search and Pray have been added in the game

•Search and Pray cost no Strategy Points but confirm movements

•Impressive units now take the place of 2 Heroes, so a Warband with an Impressive unit is capped at 9 units. The goal is to give more variations to Warbands and let the Player decide if they want to use either an Impressive or 2 Heroes

•The unit “Sigmar’s Zealot” was renamed to “Sigmar’s Purifier”

•Players can now gather Wyrdstones. Gathering Wyrdstones has chances to trigger a random Warp Effect on pick up

•Added a temporary boost to all AI units of 30% Wounds to increase challenge. More work will be done on AI decisions and boosts in the future

•Skill description is available in the Wheel during Missions

•Tweaked delete campaign button to be more accessible

•Made inventory equipment screen more usable with the mouse

•Added descriptions in Skirmish menus

•You can now end your turn if you run out of actions in a friendly circle

Item Changes

•Dagger now reduce dodge chances of their enemies

•Spear now reduce dodge chances of their enemies

•Fixed an issue where the Maiden of Sigmar couldn’t re-equip shields if the initial one was removed

•Weapons and armor got perks stats adjusted to fit with the new system

•Added the item Perks “No Dodge” and “No Parry”

•Light armor got an increase in armor absorption

•Heavy armor now reduces movement by 2 meters per circle

•Helmet lost it’s Critical resistance and got a Stun Resistance bonus instead

•Helmet, Light Armor and Heavy Armor penalty to spell casting now properly only affect arcane spells, not divine spells

•Weeping Blades now properly apply a stackable poison debuff

•Warplock Pistols now properly apply a stackable Warp ammo debuff

•Tiring effect is now properly triggered after a Charge

•Having no item equipped in the Offhand slot will now equip a “fist” which provides a bonus to Initiative and Dodge (for now this might not work for the Alternate Weapon Set yet)

Stat Changes

•Agility now increases dodge chances by 5% per points and Athletic actions by 3% per point
◦Base roll for Dodge is now 0%

◦Base roll for Leap is now 50%

◦Base rolls for Climb are 60% for 3m/ 50% for 6 m / 40% for 9 m

◦Base rolls for Jump down are 60% for 3m/ 50% for 6 m / 40% for 9 m

•Strength now increases melee damage by 3% per point

•Toughness now increases Poison Resistance by 4% per point
◦Base roll for Poison resistance check is now 10%

•Leadership now increases Psychological tests by 4% per point
◦Base roll of Fear, Terror, All Alone and Routing roll is now 10%

•Intelligence now increases spell damage by 3% and Stupidity roll by 4% per points
◦Base roll for Stupidity is now 20%

•Alertness now increases Range Resistance by 2% and Perception by 4% per point
◦Base roll for Perception is now 20%

•Weapon Skill now increases Melee Resistance by 2% and Parry tests by 3% per point
◦Base roll for Parry is now 0%

◦Parrying successfully will reduce the cost of a Counter-Attack made right after by 1 OP

◦Base roll to hit in Melee is now 95%

•Ballistic Skill now increases range damage by 3% per point
◦Base roll to hit in Range is now 90%

◦Shooting a target engaged in Melee now has a -30% penalty

Combat Changes

•Increased the All Alone flee distance

•Initiative is now based only on the Active weapon set and is recalculated at the beginning of every combat Round. Switching weapons will not affect the Initiative Ladder immediately

•Adjusted Tutorials to work with the new Initiative modifications

•The cost of Disengage has been increased to 2SP and 2 OP

•The cost of Flee has been increased from nothing to 1SP

•The Charge ability has been reviewed and modified as follow: the cost has increased to 3 OP, chances to hit penalty is reduced to -10% and damage bonus is increased to +50%. The extra movement remains as it was, the movement of your character.

•The Aim ability has been reviewed an modified as followed: the cost has been changed to 2 OP and 2 SP, the hit bonus reduced to +20% and the crit bonus remains +5%

•Skill cost of a multitude of skills has been adjusted to reflect the combat system changes to 2 and 3 OP costs of base attacks.

Skills changes

Each units now have a unique skills. Check the forum or in-game for more information!

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